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Running, walking, sitting or standing, anything can give birth to an injury, the thing is we must not stop doing what we are doing right after it. This will take us to parts of life where we are stronger. If you feel like stopping because of an injury, run to a PT, Physiotherapists can cure any of your pains and show amazing results. Physiotherapists know the joints, muscles, and membranes well and they treat them with multiple technologies. This can help you move on with your life and go a step ahead.

Our Granville Physiotherapy Clinic is situated in south Edmonton and has been giving therapies to patients around the world. We give clinical treatments and home therapies, you can contact us to get online coaching & relief. Our treatments are neat yet simple, we identify the injured point and strengthen & activate the muscles around it for relief. This method will support the bones & joints, this will aid the patient with relief and activity.

Getting injured in the workplace or while involved in a sports activity is common, these can be tiring and make us feel annoyed. Minor injuries usually subside within a day or two if given proper rest. If the injuries persist and are not paid enough attention, these will aggravate the muscles and cause more pains & problems. Physiotherapy is the immediate cure for all such conditions. 

What are the Injuries addressed by a Physical Therapist

01.Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome makes certain fingers in our hands go numb, this is caused by a blockage in the wrist zone. This will be addressed by a physiotherapist with some physio mobility workouts that will remove the block or surgery will be made in some cases. It is mainly seen in people who are doing typing jobs.


Whiplash is the terminology given to the movement when our head moves to and fro vigorously. This causes weakness and injuries in muscles and tendons, sometimes whiplash can also cause bone damage. The majority of the time a whiplash is caused due to car accidents, some people take it lightly and move forward with their day. Later on, they will experience pain in their neck region, which is caused by the whiplash.

One of the characteristics of whiplash is that it gives pain only after the neck goes through a certain range of motions. Physical therapists can cure the problems with manual massage therapies and dry needling techniques. These will simulate the necessary muscles for support and induce recovery.

03.Muscle stiffness

Muscle Stiffness can become a life-stressing situation, you wake up in the morning and feel numb in your hands and toes. This will create stress for your whole day’s activities. If you are not able to do your work at ease, it will put a strain on your brain’s activity too. In the elderly stage, muscle stiffness can cause bad posture, and inability to walk or move.

This can be easily cured with PT joint movements and mobility training. Mobility training workouts include stretches, movements, and exercises that will flex the muscle and induce blood circulation to your dormant muscle. This in turn will help you in getting flexible and make your body healthy. These practices can be learned from a PT from home through online calls. Click here to get your PT exercises. 

04. Vestibular conditions

The human body needs balance to be healthy, both physically and mentally. There are two vestibular systems in our human body, one is situated in the inner ears and another is placed in the hindbrain. These two are responsible for our body’s natural balance. If any one of these two loses balance, it will cause vertigo, falls, nausea, and many other imbalance conditions.

If a vestibular condition is left untreated, it can also cause life-threatening situations due to the falls it can induce.

Vestibular conditions are treated in our clinic with an apt mechanism and technical detailing with goggles and human intelligence. We introduce the patients to a wide variety of balancing workouts where the patients would have to go through balance regaining exercises. Click here to know more about our vestibular symptoms, treatments, and science.

05.Concussion management

A concussion is a state when our brain becomes less functional in certain aspects, the regular activities it does at ease will become a hill to do. A concussion is mainly caused by a traumatic injury to the head, this will rush the brain with calcium particles and make our brain slow. This phenomenon happens as a defense mechanism by the brain, if you are experiencing a concussion you will notice

  • Disability to think
  • Inability to do normal chores
  • Inability to decide etc…

If these are seen, this is an indication your brain needs rest. A physical therapist will check for possible brain damage and conclude if it is a concussion or brain injury. If the condition is minimized to a concussion then the patient will be given a concussion management plan.

These plans are made by experienced therapists only after serious consideration of the possible activities that their brains can handle. The plan will minimize brain activities and gradually increase the load. This will help the brain to regain strength and will naturally make the brain return to its natural capacity.

The list goes on when it comes to problems that can be addressed by a physical therapist, to know more problems that can be addressed by a PT click here

PT- Physical Therapists

Physical therapists undergo studies that include muscle anatomy, joint anatomy, bone anatomy, their movements and their treatments. This gives the physicians an overall idea on how to treat various conditions arising in the human body.

With this knowledge and intelligence, Physiotherapists can treat both physical and Psychological problems. To Get treated by our physios Click here. You will gain a wide knowledge & understanding of your physical and psychological self.

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