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Foot Pain Physiotherapy Edmonton

Foot Pain Physiotherapy Edmonton

Foot Pain Physiotherapy Edmonton | Granville Physiotherapy


Foot Pain Physiotherapy Edmonton | Granville Physiotherapy

Let Us Help You Address Your Foot Pain Using Physiotherapy!!!

Do you need a long-lasting solution to ease your foot pain or discomfort? At Granville Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic, we know the difficulties of patients suffering from foot pain, diseases, and injuries. Therefore, we have implemented an effective therapeutic service (foot pain physiotherapy) that will help identify the root cause of foot pain before a treatment plan is developed.

Many people experience foot pain but wait until it can be severely felt when walking or standing, and their regular activities are limited. If you notice any kind of pain around your foot or lower extremities, meet with our physiotherapists can prevent you from taking harmful medication or opting for surgical correction.

So, let’s end your struggle with foot pain and prescribe a long-lasting treatment that can help you recover quickly. Granville Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic can help athletes, dancers, and others treat foot pain that may threaten their overall health and career. To get started, contact us to schedule an appointment and meet with the best team of physiotherapists in Edmonton. 

The foot consists of 30 joints, 26 bones, and a robust musculoskeletal system with over 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments. The joints, bones, and musculoskeletal system of the foot coordinate the ability to walk, maintain balance, and overall mobility. However, when these systems are affected, pain, swelling, and discomfort are set to occur immediately.

Foot pain can be caused due to various reasons. However, in most cases, it may occur as an acute or chronic injury due to underlying conditions or excessive overuse. At Granville Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic, we can help you find an effective solution to address your condition naturally.

Some of the common causes of foot pain include;

Bursitis : Bursitis is a condition that occurs when the tendons rub against anti-friction sacs known as bursae, causing the foot to become uncomfortable and irritated. This condition can also occur in the shoulder, elbow, and hip.

Fracture : Fractures may occur from severe force or trauma to the bone, leading to bone damage such as cracking or breaking. When a fracture to the foot happens, a patient may take weeks to complete healing.

Tendinitis : Tendinitis is very common in patients who overuse their tendons. When tendinitis occurs, the tendons become inflamed; as a result, performing simple activities becomes very difficult. In several cases, a patient suffering from this condition suffers intense and excruciating pain consistently.

Arthritis : Arthritis is a well-known inflammatory condition affecting joints, causing pain and discomfort. Arthritis is of two types, namely rheumatoid articles and osteoarthritis. When any arthritis occurs, you might notice a significant decline in the proper functioning of the foot joints.

Plantar Fasciitis : Plantar fasciitis occurs when connective tissue present at the end of the foot is inflamed. This condition is due to improper posture, constant standing, or wearing footwear with poor arch support.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome : Tarsal tunnel syndrome happens when the nerve that runs from the ankle to the foot becomes inflamed, painful, and pinched., Some of the symptoms associated with this condition include; shooting pains and sharp and burning sensations in the foot.

Strains and Sprains : Strain occurs when the tendons or muscles are stretched more than their limit. At the same time, a sprain happens when the ligaments are stretched beyond their limit. Strain and sprain most occur from injuries.

Fallen Arches : The foot arch is made up of various tendons that function together. A proper arch is formed at the foot when the tendons pull together. However, if the tendons do not pull together as needed, you will form a flat foot or fallen arch, leading to pain and discomfort.

Whichever condition you may have, seeking therapeutic care at Granville Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic can help you address your pain as soon as possible. Contact us today to speak with one of our physiotherapists in Edmonton about which therapy regimens will suit your condition. 

Physical therapy at Granville Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic can help to address any kind of foot pain that you or anyone you know might be experiencing. We help you address them as quickly as possible using a natural, safe, and effective approach to ensure you move freely and confidently with your feet soon.

When you visit our clinic, our physiotherapist will conduct a full assessment to identify your pain and other factors affecting your overall health. Based on the final assessment, they will develop an individualized treatment plan that will be adopted during in-clinic and in-home sessions. Some treatments may be included in the plan.

As treatment progresses, we will revisit your plan to remodify it to ensure any discomfort or underlying symptoms are completely eliminated, and your recovery is fast-tracked. They may also help with recommendations for lifestyle changes, orthotics, and other self-management strategies or techniques to reduce the likelihood of foot injury or other kinds of foot problems sooner or later.

Find Foot Comfort With Physical Therapy Now!

Will you like to move freely without any pain in your foot? Or will you love to have complete control of your life without any form of pain or discomfort? Granville Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic can help you achieve that as quickly as possible using effective therapeutic regimens.

Contact Granville Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic to book an appointment and begin a personalized treatment with our physiotherapists today.