Knee Pain Physiotherapy Edmonton

Knee Pain Physiotherapy Edmonton



Common Conditions That May Lead to Knee Pain

Is Your Knee Pain Disturbing Your Regular Activities – All Your Need to Know About Knee Pain

Knee pain can be a significant hindrance in your daily lifestyle when it occurs. For so many athletes or dancers, it can affect their career and performance if not treated properly. If you notice any stiffness, pain, or weakness around your knee, do not panic or worry because we can use a natural and safe approach to restore your knee to its proper condition and also prevent the reoccurrence of pain sooner or later.

If you live in Edmonton or nearby and you’re suffering from knee pain or any form of discomfort, Granville Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic can help you discover the exact cause of your condition and recommend a personalized treatment plan to ease your pain, address other conditions, and keep you off harmful drugs and invasive treatment. Contact us today to book an appointment and begin your physiotherapy session with our specialist. 

Physiotherapy is a highly recommended treatment approach to address pain and other musculoskeletal issues that may affect any part of the body. At Granville Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic, we can help you restore the strength of your knee and improve your movement with it. Our Edmonton physiotherapists will assess your knee to identify what precisely is the cause of your knee problem, as well as identify contributing factors that may increase pain. Also, knee pain can be due to problems with the ankle, hip, or back, and in severe cases, structural damage to sensitive tissues around the knee. Our physiotherapist will examine all possible factors that are linked to knee pain to ensure all potential harm is ruled out before a treatment plan is designed to relieve your pain and restore your overall health.

During a typical treatment session, your physiotherapist will ask you to move your hip and back, and examine your gait, stance, range of motion, posture, and structural damage using special tests. After completing your assessment, they will administer a therapeutic plan that will be adopted to address your condition, which will focus on fast pain relief and eradication of symptoms. Your treatment plan may include exercises, physical activities, manual techniques, specific movement, and other therapeutic modalities like acupuncture, nutrition, and guidance & counseling.

As the treatment process, your recovery becomes our foremost priority; as a result, your physiotherapist will modify your treatment plan by including and excluding different therapy techniques in order to improve your knee condition. However, the type of therapy technique may differ from one patient to another based on your condition; therefore, our physiotherapist will decide the type of treatment suitable for you depending on the result of your overall assessment.

The use of exercise has gained significant improvement in easing certain knee problems. According to research, patients with patellofemoral stress syndrome, also known as kneecap pain, tend to recover better when therapeutic exercises which concentrate on strengthening the knees and hips are administered to them. Therefore, with a few therapy sessions with us, you will be capable of doing your regular activities gradually until you fully recover.

The knee has a hinge joint that enables it to be capable of performing forward and backward motion either when sitting or walking. When you squat, the knee provides support for the hip and 6 times your overall body weight. When the knee is in its proper condition, you will be able to perform various kinds of movement based on its normal limit. Also, you will be able to move your hip, which gives you the capability to do complex motions and walk, dance, run, and stand without tripping off.

According to research, about 25 % of people with knee pain often discover that the lower back is the primary source of the problem. Our physiotherapist often examines the back and the spine to know if they are the primary cause of your joint problem 

  • Arthritis
  • Iliotibial band friction syndrome
  • Patella tendinitis
  • Degenerative joint disease
  • Meniscal tears
  • ACL injury
  • Fractures
  • Knee bursitis

Begin Your Journey to Achieve a Long-lasting Knee Pain Relief With Us!

Now, is the right time to opt for a suitable and effective natural treatment that can strengthen your knee, eradicate pain or symptoms, and improve your overall health. At Granville Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic, we focus on using therapeutic approaches to relieve pain and fasten recovery to ensure affected victims return to their normal lifestyles as quickly as possible.

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