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Shoulder Pain Physical Therapy Edmonton

Shoulder Pain Physical Therapy Edmonton

Shoulder Pain Physical Therapy Edmonton | Granville Physiotherapy


Shoulder Pain Physical Therapy Edmonton | Granville Physiotherapy

Get Full Relief for Acute or Chronic Shoulder Pain With Targeted and Individualized Physical Therapy

Ease Your Shoulder Pain Today!

Do you know that various factors can lead to shoulder pain? This can range from temporary or slight muscle discomfort to severe bone-on-bone friction and other conditions. It can show up when you suddenly wake up, reach for your glasses in the morning, or even toss around at night trying to find a comfortable sleeping position. This pain can be a dull or persistent ache that stays with you throughout the day. In some cases, it can come up due to injury.

Your shoulder has two joints, collectively called the ball and socket joints. This makes it the most flexible joint in the body due to the wide range of movement. The ball and socket joint is held in place by a group of muscles called the Rotator-Cuff Muscles. When your shoulder or surrounding muscles experience any discomfort, pain occurs.

If you reside in Edmonton or its nearby surroundings and are suffering from any form of shoulder problems, kindly reach out to Granville Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic to get your shoulder diagnosed and begin the approach treatment needed to restore your shoulder to its proper state. 

Shoulder pain can arise from various causes ranging from muscle-related causes to bone-related causes. Here are a few reasons why your shoulder could be causing you pain.

1. Trauma

Trauma is one of the leading causes of shoulder pain. A fall on outstretched arms or even the shoulder itself is powerful enough to deliver a significant amount of pain. Also, bumping into a hard object with your shoulder or dislocation can cause severe pain. Carrying heavy objects like furniture while moving can pull the shoulder muscles and cause pain.

2. Infection

Tendinitis, Bursitis, and even arthritis are examples of inflammatory responses that can cause pain in your shoulder. They are usually accompanied by swelling of the affected area.

3. Posture

It is no news that having a bad posture can put you at risk of pain in various parts of your body. Your sleeping and sitting posture can put undue strain on your shoulder and, thus, cause pain.

4. Referred Pain

Pain from your neck and back can spread to your shoulder and leave you in discomfort.
If this is your story, then there is hope for you. Granville Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic is committed to giving you the best treatment for any shoulder pain -related issues you may have. 

Physical therapy exists to do two things: ease your pain and return function to the affected area. As opposed to surgical and medical intervention, physical therapy is a non-invasive pain treatment method that is easy and comfortable. Depending on the cause of your pain, exercises like stretching, strengthening, mobility movements, stabilization, and even temperature-based treatment methods may be used. Your physical therapist will collaborate with you to create a routine that will gradually help to restore the quality of your life. Some studies prove that physical therapy alone can eliminate shoulder pain.

At Granville Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic, personalized physical therapy provides the most effective treatment to ease shoulder pain. Our physical therapists are well-experienced in treating shoulder pain using therapeutic techniques. First, they will find the root cause of your pain using specific diagnostic approaches and other physical/orthopedic examinations, such as moving your shoulder and neck and checking your range of motion, posture, and possible structural damage. After completing your assessment, they recommend a personalized treatment plan to ease your pain and symptoms. This plan will include manual techniques, specific movements, and other therapeutic modalities. With progression in your treatment plan, your therapist may remodify your treatment plan to help focus more on recovery and strengthening the shoulder and its surrounding musculoskeletal structure.

No treatment is complete without educating patients on the specific techniques and strategies to prevent the reoccurrence of shoulder pain or discomfort sooner or later.

You need to check with your health insurance provider to know if the cost of physical therapy is included in your insurance policy. Next, you need to get a referral letter from your physician for easy documentation. Afterward, you need to book an appointment with us or come directly to Granville Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic, Edmonton, Canada. You don’t need to fear if your insurance policy doesn’t cover physical therapy. Our rates are fair, and we offer financial aid to qualified candidates. 

Ready to Relieve Your Shoulder Pain?

Make your shoulder pain a thing of the past by opting for a non-invasive treatment at Granville Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic. Whichever condition you may be suffering from, our physical therapy session can help address your condition, improve your overall health, and keep you away from harmful medication and possibly surgical treatment.

Contact Granville Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic today to schedule an appointment with us and meet with our team of physical therapists. We’ll be excited to be part of your recovery journey to a pain-free life.