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Stroke Physiotherapy Edmonton

Stroke Physiotherapy Edmonton

Stroke Physiotherapy Edmonton | Granville Physiotherapy

Stroke Physiotherapy Edmonton

Stroke Physiotherapy Edmonton | Granville Physiotherapy

Welcome to a new chapter in your health story. If you or your loved one has experienced a stroke, you know it marks a pivotal moment—one that brings challenges, yes, but also a clear call to resilience and recovery. At Granville Physiotherapy, we stand ready to be your ally and guide on this path. In the heart of Edmonton, we offer a sanctuary for healing, a place where cutting-edge stroke physiotherapy meets the warmth of a community that truly cares.

From the first steps you take into our clinic, you’ll feel the difference personalized care makes. We understand that the road to recovery post-stroke isn’t just about regaining movement—it’s about reclaiming your independence and the joy of living.

Expert Stroke Physiotherapy Services in Edmonton

Tailored Rehab Programs
Our approach to stroke rehab is rooted in personalization. We understand that each stroke survivor’s path to recovery is unique. Our therapists develop customized stroke physiotherapy programs that cater to the specific needs and goals of each patient. By leveraging evidence-based techniques and cutting-edge rehabilitation technology, we aim to maximize recovery at every stage.

Multidisciplinary Stroke Rehabilitation
Recovery from a stroke often requires a multifaceted approach. Our team at Granville Physiotherapy coordinates with a range of healthcare professionals, including occupational therapists, speech therapists, and neurologists, to provide comprehensive stroke rehab services. We work together to ensure a cohesive and integrated approach to your rehabilitation.

Comprehensive Care for Stroke Survivors

Stroke physiotherapy in Edmonton goes beyond traditional exercises. We focus on retraining the brain and body to perform daily tasks, improve balance and coordination, and manage any associated conditions like spasticity or muscle weakness. Our therapists also offer guidance on using assistive devices and adapting your environment to support recovery and safety.

At Granville Physiotherapy, we understand that healing is a team endeavour, encompassing both the individual undergoing rehabilitation and their close circle. We’re committed to empowering not only our patients but also their families and caregivers with the essential know-how and capabilities to play an integral role in the rehabilitation journey.

Focused Rehabilitation for Functional Recovery

Task-Specific Training
Our rehabilitation programs include task-specific training exercises aimed at relearning specific motor activities. This might include walking, grasping objects, or any other movement-related tasks that are critical to the individual’s lifestyle and well-being. By repeatedly practicing these targeted tasks, our patients can see significant improvements over time.

Sensory and Perceptual Rehabilitation
Granville Physiotherapy’s comprehensive care for stroke survivors also encompasses sensory and perceptual re-education. For patients experiencing numbness, tingling, or spatial-perceptual deficits, our therapists employ specialized techniques to stimulate the nervous system and enhance sensory feedback.

Long-Term Wellness and Prevention

Secondary Prevention Programs
After a stroke, the risk of subsequent strokes is heightened. Granville Physiotherapy’s stroke rehab services in Edmonton include secondary prevention programs that focus on lifestyle modifications, education, and exercise regimens specifically designed to reduce the risk of another stroke.

Fitness and Wellness Programs
In addition, our commitment to the enduring well-being of stroke survivors is reflected in our tailored fitness and wellness initiatives. Designed to accommodate the unique challenges that may persist after a stroke, these programs focus on improving overall cardiovascular health, strength, and endurance, contributing to a more active and fulfilling life.

Regain Confidence with Stroke Physiotherapy Edmoton

As part of our stroke rehab services, we empower patients with education about stroke prevention, the recovery process, and strategies for managing life post-stroke. We’re committed to providing the resources and support necessary to navigate this journey confidently.
At Granville Physiotherapy, we understand that stroke recovery doesn’t stop when you leave our clinic. We’re dedicated to providing ongoing support, with regular assessments and updates to your rehab program to reflect your progress and evolving needs.
We understand that ongoing practice and exercise are vital to stroke recovery. Therefore, our therapists develop personalized home exercise programs that patients can safely perform outside of their sessions at our clinic. These are tailored to the patient’s specific deficits and recovery goals.
Recognizing that a stroke affects more than just physical abilities, our comprehensive rehab programs also address the cognitive and emotional challenges that may arise. We offer strategies to improve memory, attention, and problem-solving, as well as counselling services to support emotional well-being.
Ready to Begin Your Recovery Journey?

As your session ends and you step out of Granville Physiotherapy, the support doesn’t pause. You carry with you not just the benefits of today’s therapy but also the knowledge, techniques, and ongoing support to continue improving every day. We’re more than just your physiotherapists; we’re your steadfast partners, cheering for you on every step of the recovery journey.

Remember, while a stroke may have changed the course of your life, your strength and our support together will chart a new, hopeful path forward. Are you ready to take that first step? Reach out to Granville Physiotherapy Edmonton today, and let us walk beside you on this journey back to wellness.