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Hip Pain Physical Therapy Edmonton

Hip Pain Physical Therapy Edmonton

Hip Pain Physical Therapy Edmonton | Granvile Physiotherapy


Hip Pain Physical Therapy Edmonton | Granvile Physiotherapy

Is Your Hip Painful? Here is All You Need to Know to Relieve Your Condition

Hip Pain Physical Therapy Edmonton, The hip joint plays a vital role in the body. It may amaze you that a healthy hip joint is required to lie on your back without discomfort. In addition, you need healthy hip joints to stand and sit and run and walk with a normal gait.

It is, thus, not surprising how miserable life can be with a dysfunctional hip joint. And it’s easy to see why some physicians recommend surgical replacement of the hip joints in severe cases.

Do you have problems with sleeping positions at night? Do you feel discomfort when lying on your back for an extended period? Do you experience difficulty in your hip when bending forward and downwards to touch the floor? If your answer is yes, you are at the right place.

At Granville Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic, we provide solutions for hip joint pain through physical therapy. So now, you can let go of that anxiety, and you don’t have to replace your joints with prosthetic hips. Contact us to learn more about this specific regimen. 

The hip is the joint that connects your lower limbs to your trunk or torso. The hip joint supports your body’s weight when you stand and combines with various muscles and joints to help you achieve complex movements.

Hip pain is the discomfort you experience when you perform actions that require the hip joints. Such actions include standing from a sitting position, running, and dancing.

Some symptoms of a painful hip include; difficulty bending forward to touch your toes, difficulty stretching out your legs while lying on your back pain, and pain in the hips after sitting for a while. 

Awareness of the causes of hip pain is beneficial for managing the condition. Armed with such knowledge, you can prevent the worsening of the hip situation and deter reoccurrence.

Some major causes of hip pain include:

Hip Injury : The hip joint can get injured through accidental trauma. Depending on the severity of the incident, the head of the hip bone could become fractured. There could also be a tear to the ligaments and tendons that form the joint. Trauma can also lead to joint dislocation and misalignment, resulting in severe pain.

Arthritis : Arthritis is the inflammation of joints due to genetic or pathogenic diseases. Pathogenic arthritis is prevalent among the elderly. In comparison, genetic arthritis can be found among younger people. Arthritis causes severe pain in the hip joints.

Wear and Tear : You use your hip joints almost every moment. And it is more so if your vocation is physically demanding. So there’s bound to be wear and tear in the joints over time, which can result in pain.

Other additional conditions that may cause hip pain include;

  • Muscle strain
  • Snapping Hip
  • Syndrome
  • Anterior Hip impingement
  • Lumbar radiculopathy
  • Bursitis
  • Fracture 

Yes. The pain in your hip can be relieved by physical therapy. The first step you need to take is to Contact us at Granville Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic, Edmonton, Canada.

There’s no denying that hip pain can be quite persistent. And if left unattended, it can lead to permanent disability and frustration. This is why most patients (and physicians) quickly resort to quick therapeutic fixes like NSAIDs and, in extreme cases, surgical replacement. Unfortunately, the harmful effects of such drugs (and methods) outweigh their pain-relieving benefits. This is why we recommend physical therapy at Granville Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic. 

When you come to us, our physiotherapy team will take the following steps toward restoring the health of your hip joints:

Physical Examination

Our physiotherapist will examine the state of your hip joints by giving your body a thorough physio check. The Physio will observe your posture, gait, and joint movement range. The examination result will be compiled and forwarded for analysis and recommendation.

Physical Therapy Approach

You will receive a physical therapy routine according to the recommendations of our physiotherapist. The routine may include muscle-strengthening exercises to improve strength and posture. As part of the therapy, you will take some relaxation exercises that will remove tension, strain, and stress from the muscles that work with the hip joint.

Our physiotherapist will also guide you through joint movement exercises to improve the range of the rotation of your hip joints. The completion of the physiotherapy plan will give you relief from the hip joint pain. 

Do This Now

If you have the symptoms mentioned above, contact Granville Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic, Edmonton, to book an appointment or inquire about this regimen. The earliest you do this, the better. We recommend you take action now to relieve pain and avoid complications.