Get Control over Your Joint Pain! Physical Therapy is the Solution

Get Control over Your Joint Pain | Granville Physiotherapy

Physical therapy is a solution for all joint and muscle problems, physiotherapy includes manual therapy, exercises, and some other latest practices such as dry needling, Kinesio taping, etc. Granville Physiotherapy in Edmonton is excelled in providing all kinds of physical therapies to patients with love. Our muscles are made up of muscle fibers that are connected to the bones by tendons. These tendons are known for wear and tear, they get worn out if not properly used and they wear out if used too much. Our muscles are made in such a way that it needs constant activation to build mass. That is the reason bodybuilders tear their muscles by lifting heavy weights, in turn when the muscles reform they increase in size. Without constant activation of the muscles they become inactive, inactive muscles cause imbalances in our body and hence lead to deterioration of bones. Muscles can be activated in multiple ways like

  • Stretching
  • Weight lifting
  • Walking
  • Swimming etc

Basically, any movement given to the body will activate some part of the muscle, there can be no movements without the working of muscle fibers in our body. Our body comprises more than 600 muscles, each one is responsible for our body parts in different directions. Eg the chest muscles help us in bringing our hands close together and our neck muscles are for moving the head in different directions.

Each muscle in our body is connected to the brain, when the muscle loses its connection with the brain it can be named an inactive muscle. Our brain has a part that saves all the functions of our muscles, this is called muscle memory. If a particular muscle loses its connection with the brain it becomes dormant and causes problems like

  • Dislocation
  • Arthritis etc… 

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How Physiotherapy helps in joint pain

Physiotherapy plays with the muscle and helps it build strength, any simulation given to the muscle will activate it. Let it be an internal simulation or external stimulation, either way, the muscle gets activated. Any muscle that gets dormant will induce pressure on another muscle and make it hyperactive.

The internal simulation includes exercises and mobility workouts and the external simulation includes manual and deep massage therapies. These will activate all the supporting muscles of a joint and aid you in joint and knee pains.  

Does Physiotherapy Cure Arthritis?

One of the major causes of joint pain is arthritis. Arthritis comes into action when the joints are overworked. If our body muscles are balanced there are fewer chances of arthritis arising even under extreme pressure. Our muscles and bones could handle far more pressure than we are giving them right now. This doesn’t apply to bodybuilders. In a world of bodybuilders having arthritis-free knees, a person sitting at a desk for half the day gets knee arthritis, why? The answer to this question is imbalanced and inactive muscles in the body, these inactive muscles load other muscles with more weight making them hyperactive. When this happens the tendons that connect our muscles with bones get ruptured and weak. Weak tendons start to produce a substance for their support, this is called arthritis.

Arthritis can cause serious pains while moving and can make us idle in time. If treated in the beginning stage, physiotherapy can protect your tendons from arthritis. Stretching workouts hugely aid the condition of arthritis if done properly. Finding the dormant muscle and giving it therapies will stabilize the joint and protect it from future inflammations. 

Can Physiotherapy help recover from stiff muscles?

Too much time spent not doing physical activities will make our muscles stiff and non-flexible. Physiotherapy exercises, movements, and stretches can load our muscles with more blood and help them activate the power within them. This in turn will provide us with more energy and resistance. Stretching is the basic movement given by any physiotherapist for relaxing and stretching our muscles, it will also help us to escape joint pains. Physiotherapy will relax the muscles and let them breathe resulting in better muscle condition. 

Physiotherapy for sports players

Sports players are highly prone to muscle damage and joint pains. A proper sports physiotherapist who can accompany you on game tours will be the biggest support you will get. A physical therapist will prep your muscles before the match and loosen those muscles after the match for lower injury and sooner muscle recovery.

Physiotherapy for any joint and muscle-related issue

Physiotherapy includes a variety of treatments that don’t have any side effects. Physiotherapy uses our body’s natural movements and uses them to stimulate the muscles. This will improve circulation and increase the self-healing capacity of our bodies. Physiotherapy can almost treat everything naturally if found out at the right time.

Role of a physiotherapist

Once you reach out to a physical therapist they will examine your muscles, bones, and movements. With that, they will analyze which muscle is working which way and which muscle is hyperactive, and which one is dormant. After finding out these they will use their Muscle anatomical knowledge to find a cure. As we know these will include manual therapies, dry needling, exercises, and Kinesio tapings. 

How effective is a physiotherapy session

The remedies provided by a physiotherapist will be highly effective as they are manually correcting the saved memory of the muscle. These muscle therapies will lead to higher muscle memory in our brain. When the physician is simulating the dormant muscle with manual therapy, it will get activated and its memory will get saved in the brain. This will also happen while doing physical therapy exercises and workouts.

These therapies will help our brains build the proper mind-muscle connection for each joint.  

To conclude, physiotherapists can help you adjust your joints in many ways to aid pain and increase performance. Getting their help is crucial for many, get used of physios to cure all ailments in the body!

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