Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy For Women in Edmonton

Women’s pelvic floor Physiotherapy in Edmonton

Women’s pelvic floor Physiotherapy in Edmonton

Treat Your Pelvic floor Dysfunction Before Long!

The pelvic floor has magical Powers! 

Are you suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction?

Granville Physiotherapy Clinic is presenting Pelvic floor physiotherapy for women in Edmonton, Canada, to cure organ prolapse, incontinence, sexual dysfunction & many other conditions.

Regain your confidence with Pelvic Floor treatment. 

Our female therapists

Many muscles contribute to our pelvic floor health. In most cases of pelvic floor dysfunctions, usually, one or two muscles may be found weak. To make your pelvic floor perform better, our female pelvic floor therapists can find the weak muscle and provide you with treatment.
After gaining the necessary information about your muscles, your treatment will be started immediately. Our female pelvic floor therapists have provided pelvic floor physiotherapy for women in Edmonton for several years.

Examination: To find that weak muscle, our female pelvic floor therapist may ask for your consent and insert their fingers into your vulva or palpate your pelvic region for examination.

The Female Pelvic Floor

The female pelvic floor supports the cervix, bladder, urethra, and other internal parts. Some of our internal organs’ health also depends on our pelvic floor. As a woman, taking care of your pelvic floor is vital, as it supports the child-bearing organs.

Symptoms of Female Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Since the pelvic floor muscles are the base of our spine, it plays a major role in erecting our spine for the good.

Benefits of pelvic floor Physiotherapy in women

Take control of your pelvic floor!

Physical therapy is one of the best options to take control of our pelvic floor. Our female pelvic floor therapist will analyze your muscles individually and condition them. Conditioning may be in the form of manual therapies, movement-based workouts, stretches, etc. The exercises we provide at Granville Physiotherapy can also be done from the comfort of your home.

Natural open space is always preferred as it removes our bodies’ stress. Working out in an open space relaxes our body and mind, and it can give incredible results.

Our pelvic floor therapists are ready to provide Pelvic floor physiotherapy for women in Edmonton city.

You can start your treatment right away

Treatment for Pelvic floor dysfunction

Pelvic floor physiotherapists are a god’s given gift. They can cure your pelvic floor issues and address many problems.
For people who have incontinence and bladder pain, pelvic floor physiotherapy is the best option to achieve balance in life, both physically and mentally. Because, as you know, pelvic floor dysfunctions can cause psychological stress too!

Get Strong Pelvic Floors!

With a more robust pelvic floor, women can go out peacefully into the world without being bothered about taking a leak more often. This also increases our courage and helps us encounter more challenges.

Pelvic floor & time management

Pelvic floors can help you in managing time. People running to the office with weak pelvic floors may have lower balder control. This will distract them from working peacefully. Without running to the toilet every half an hour, people can concentrate and work peacefully.

In some cases, people with a more robust pelvic floor can focus more on tasks given to them than those with a weak pelvic floor. If you want pelvic floor physiotherapy for women in Edmonton, Contact us using this link.

Benefits of a strong Pelvic floor
  • No incontinence
  • No organ prolapse
  • Better Circulation
  • Better muscles
  • Better posture
  • A better mind
  • Better focus
  • Decreased headaches
  • Better vision
  • Strong knees 

You can get multiple health benefits by having a strong pelvic floor. Pelvic floor exercises are also a treat to our spine, they activate the base of our spine resulting in better posture and better circulation.

Physiotherapist advised: Pelvic floor exercises
Female Pelvic floor exercises

As assumed by everyone, pelvic floor exercises concentrate on more than just working out our pelvic floor muscles. Instead, pelvic floor exercises have a varied range of activities and motions. The activities will also work out the forces supporting our pelvic floors.

For example, the pelvic floor is connected to our pelvic joint, which is connected to various muscle groups like the glutes(the buttock muscle), hamstrings, thighs, abdomen, etc. These muscles help hold the pelvic floor in a balanced way.

Pelvic floor exercises, including Kegels and other physical-therapy compound movements, can help eliminate pelvic floor dysfunction.

These exercises can be helpful in your life and help you rehab your pelvic floor soon. If you are worried about choosing your workouts, call or pay us a visit at our female pelvic floor physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton.  

Treatment for incontinence

Pelvic floor physiotherapy is necessary for women with urinary and fecal incontinence issues. Pelvic floor physiotherapy for women in Edmonton can also be done online through voice and video calls.

We are here to help and make a change: use our expertise and treat your incontinence.

Importance of pelvic floor training in female bodybuilders

Back pain can be excruciating. Back pains in women athletes are arising primarily due to weak pelvic floors. If you are experiencing pain in your lower back, pelvic floor physio could help.

If a female athlete has a good physique and an imbalanced pelvic floor, then there are more chances for her to experience unhealthy issues.

Unhealthy issues include gastroenteritis, acid reflux, lower back pain, infertility, and incontinence.

These cannot be fixed with hundred-pound squats or other weighted workouts. Our muscles are more complex than we think. For gym members, there needs to be ongoing physiotherapy education on the anatomy of muscles to better understand their physique.

For getting fitter and healthy, training one’s pelvic floor is crucial. Pelvic floor muscles can cure many diseases from a single spot. With pelvic floor exercises, you will use your internal organ’s weight to build your pelvic floor.

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Does Pelvic floor physiotherapy improve insulin production?

A recent study confirmed that pelvic floor muscles impact insulin production in the body, improving diabetes. This means your blood insulin can be regulated with proper pelvic floor activity. This is a breakthrough in the field of modern medicine. With patients taking tablets for insulin production every day, pelvic floor exercises could help them gradually regulate their insulin levels.

Does Pelvic floor physiotherapy increase metabolism rate?

According to research, the Pelvic floor muscles also play a significant role in regulating our metabolism rate. With a higher metabolic rate, you can burn more calories by not doing anything. If two people eat the same number of calories and do the same physical activity, the person with a higher metabolic rate will burn more calories than the person with a lesser metabolic rate. The metabolism makes the action of our body more intense. Everything gets intense, whether lifting weights or sitting on a chair. 

Advantages of pelvic floor physiotherapy in women

The modern world has changed, and we must adapt to it. Earlier, we used to hunt and eat our food, but modern inventions have given us a way to order food online. Keeping our pelvic floor muscles can add up to our health.
We are providing Pelvic floor physiotherapy for women in Edmonton. The treatments are easy and blissful.

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