Get More Out of Your Exercises with Blood Flow Restriction

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Blood flow restriction training or also known as occlusion training is a game changer in the physiotherapeutic industry today. These pieces of training are used by adolescents to lead athlete performers to improve performance. It is also used by athletes who are injured and at their surgery recovery stage. It is usually used in the arms and legs of an athlete to train specific muscles.

The most astonishing part of BFR training is it uses a lesser load and gives the benefit of a higher load. Athletes use this technique to build muscles, improve definition and heal from recovery. Studies have proven that blood flow restriction training can help people to recover sooner from injuries. 

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Increase muscle size

BFR will increase muscle size optimally even if performed with much lower weights. This can help bodybuilders and muscle enthusiasts build more muscle mass with lesser weights.

Optimize strength

Optimizing strength can be done with BFR training, this will help you improve your metabolic rate and help you to burn more calories. People who suffer from obesity can use BFR and get benefitted. 

Post training recovery

For gym enthusiasts BFR will be a treat, BFR helps people to warm up and cool down before and after workouts. Warm-ups and cool-down sessions could be done with lighter weights and still will help get the benefits of a higher weight range. This helps us to escape muscle fatigue and train longer.

Does Blood Flow restriction training Increase metabolic stress

The blood flow resistance training completely cuts down the return of blood flow from our muscles to our heart. This depreciates the muscles from oxygen resulting in higher metabolic stress. High metabolic stress is known to build muscles faster. 

Are Blood flow resistance training safe to be practiced at home

BFR training is still a procedure practiced under supervision. This is because we are restricting the blood flow to a certain part of the body. Physiotherapists give equal care that is given in an op theater. Since all the metrics differ with each BFR training band, it is considered unsafe to train BFR without a professional. 

How beneficial is blood flow restriction training

It is known that BFR training increases the way our muscle perceives weight, by doing a 5-pound dumbbell curl on BFR you will get the benefits of doing a 25-pound bicep curl. This is not restricted to dumbbell curls, the same applies to our thigh and calf muscles too. Blood flow resistance restricts the blood and creates a mirage of higher weight. This will increase the muscle tension and breakability of the muscle resulting in an easier muscle breakage and recovery.

How did BFR training get popular?

A famous bodybuilder once got into an injury and came to a physiotherapy clinic. The physiotherapy clinic did not have the necessary weights to train his muscle mass. This led to a situation where they used blood flow resistance training to help him recover. The BFR gave him immediate results and this news got popular. This is how Blood flow resistance training started to spread rapidly into modern society.

Does Blood flow restriction cut down the whole blood supply

The restriction will cut down 80% of the blood going into the muscle and cut 100% of the blood returning to the heart. Modern equipment has evolved resulting in a more accurate and more result-oriented way of blood flow restriction training. These will indicate timely blood pressure and timers to calculate the safe time. 

Are the Blood flow restriction bands available online safe?

A professional physiotherapy clinic will have a machine that inflates and deflates the pressure in the BFR band. These pressure bands will inflate and cut down the right amount of blood needed for training. Professionals do not recommend local blood flow restriction bands as they may cut out more blood than needed and this can result in a more intense injury. Note: Blood flow restriction training is a clinical procedure that needs to be done with the supervision of PT professionals, if done with care BFR can help, or else it might cause adverse effects. 

Can Blood flow restriction training be used for ACL rehab?

The ACL is a small connective tissue that is placed inside our knees, this helps us in walking, running, and squatting. In many knee injury cases, ACL is the pain giver. Because of the size of the tissue and the load and movements it holds, ACL tissue tends to breakfast. After an ACL surgery, the patients will be advised not to do loaded training. But for people who want to train for rehab, the Blood flow restriction could be a gift. With BFR training for ACL rehab, you don’t have to place the foot even on the ground, the training will be weight free but helps increase muscle mass. The gained muscle mass will help the joint to be more stable and help in quick recovery. 

The Granville Physiotherapy Clinic in Edmonton provides safe blood flow restriction training sessions. Our professionals are trained and can handle any situation, we use this training for muscle rehab, surgery rehab and to increase sports performance. Visit our clinic to know more!

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