Physiotherapy Before and After Surgery

Physiotherapy Before and After Surgery

Physiotherapy Before and After Surgery

Physio Therapy Before and After surgery

Surgeries could be difficult ! Granville Physiotherapy can make it easy if you visit our clinic in Edmonton. We are one of the biggest physiotherapy clinics in Canada With exceptional & experienced professionals.

A treatment at Granville Physiotherapy Clinic will leave you mesmerized in all ways. You can expect a quick jump ahead in terms of your health. We can make your Pre & Post-surgery duration painless and fear-free.

Our experienced & certified professionals at Granville Physiotherapy Edmonton will give the best treatment possible for you. Our Physiotherapists are devoted to serving you for the best. It is wise to choose Granville Physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton since we have everything you need. 

Surgery is done for Correcting the Tissues

Surgery is done for correcting the tissues in our body to provide a better working condition for the human circulatory system or any working system of the human body. Surgery is done only when it is absolutely necessary, until then the doctors try to correct the condition with medicines in the forms of injections, tablets, and syrups.

If these medicines are not able to handle the ongoing condition, surgery will be done to correct the condition.
Recently surgeries are mostly done to:

  • Remove tumors
  • Correct & repair improper/damaged tissues and organs
  • Take a biopsy of some suspicious lump in any part of the body
  • Reposition the body parts and organs to their natural place
  • Connect blood vessels- Bypass surgery
  • Implant devices
  • Upgrade the appearance
Physiotherapy sessions before and after a surgery is the best thing to do to make the surgery work. This is proven.

Psychological counseling at Granville physiotherapy Edmonton clinic before a surgery

Surgeries can be a pain to some and they can affect our mental health and wellbeing. To prevent this pre-surgical counseling sessions are given in our clinic in Edmonton. We ask our patients to sit and relax quietly while we give them counseling regarding their upcoming surgery. 

Our Counseling sessions mainly include

Physical movements during a pre-surgical Physiotherapy session

Some weeks before you go into the surgery your muscles and tissues must be prepared for the surgeon to operate. This will be done in our physiotherapy clinic in the best way possible. Some studies also show that the rehab sessions done before a knee & hip replacement surgery will directly affect the results you get from the knee replacement surgery.

This means pre-rehab physical therapy is absolutely necessary in some cases and in some cases it can become an add-on.

During a physical therapy session, the patient will be given

  • Range of mobility exercises
  • Exercises to improve the mind-muscle connection on the tissue that’s gonna be operated on.
  • Stretch-based exercise to improve mind-muscle connectivity and strength
  • Therapeutic massages to condition tissues and improve muscle strength.
  • Pre-surgery rehab physiotherapist will try to condition the person’s current
  • Strength
  • Balance &
  • Flexibility

Some physical benefits of Pre-surgical rehab

Make the operation easy for the surgeon.

As the tissues will be more conditioned, the tissues will become separate from one another, leaving the surgeon with a sense of clarity. This will also make your operative procedure smooth & easier. Pre-surgical physiotherapy sessions can increase the chances of success in operation 

Decrease chance of operation

Physiotherapists at Granville Edmonton start giving pre-operational physiotherapy before four to six weeks. During this time the muscles and joints will start to condition themselves in certain ways. Our physiotherapy exercises and practices will make your joints and muscles more stronger and flexible. This will increase the chance of your own immunity acting upon yourself and self heal the area that is gonna be operated on. This can decrease the chances of operation with pre-surgical physiotherapy. Our Granville physiotherapy clinic will do all the possible measures to make your physiotherapy session beneficial. If you are around Edmonton, you can find us by searching Physiotherapy near me and get access to the best physiotherapy clinic in town. 

Increase chances of recovery

Studies are showing that knee replacement surgeries require pre-operative physiotherapy for the surgery to show better results. Without preoperative physical therapy, your knee replacement surgery can become less useful. The same applies to all kinds of surgeries as well, without a pre-operative physiotherapy session you are limiting the chances of improvement of recovery and better results.

Yes, it is proven that preoperative physiotherapy will provide you with better results after any operations. Your recovery time will be drastically reduced and your chances of recovery after surgery will go high if you opt for a pre-operative physiotherapy session at Granville Edmonton. 

Makes you feel strong

One of the main aims of pre-operative physiotherapy is to Condition the area that your surgeon will operate in a period. For the surgeon to work with confidence it is important to make the area strong, stable, and mobile. Our pre-operative physiotherapy sessions will increase your mobility and help you in all aspects. It can even improve your blood circulation to the therapeutic area.

Since Physiotherapy is all about massage therapies and exercises. A six to eight-week pre-physiotherapy session will condition your muscles, joints, and nerves. This will make you more powerful and feel strong. This can be highly beneficial when the operation is happening.

  • Reduces pain
  • Increases recovery speed
  • Make the joints more mobile 

How to find the best Physiotherapy clinic near me?

Well if you are someone who is confused about finding the best physiotherapy clinic nearby, then you can check on some of these and find if the clinic is updated:

  • Check for social media accounts
  • Check the clinic’s website
  • Call and talk to the clinic, this will give you knowledge about the ambience of their clinic.
  • And most importantly study online reviews.

By following these procedures you can easily find the best Physiotherapy clinic nearby. Granville physiotherapy clinic has friendly staff and a clean atmosphere which will be best for your Pre and Post surgery physical therapy. Our ambience will enlighten your soul and start your healing process from within.

Post Surgical Rehab : Post-surgical physiotherapy can be classified into three different phases

01.The early recovery phase

Right out of the operation room comes the early recovery phase. At this phase, the physical therapist will concentrate more on giving you

  • Pain relief therapies
  • Therapies for the swelling to go away,
  • Give very soft therapies to improve the mobility of joints &
  • Assist you in walking and doing simple rudimentary works.

02.Physiotherapy during the strength and mobility access phase

The second phase comes right after the swelling, bruises, and stitch injuries caused during surgery have gone away. If you are in this phase and want to start your physiotherapy you can do it with all your heart. This phase is one of the main stages of recovery as all the supporting tissues and muscle groups around the operation will start to work. If you get physical therapy from Granville physiotherapy during this stage, there are more chances of recovery.

This will help you regain your optimal strength back. Here the physicians will concentrate on increasing the mobility of joints that are supporting the operated area. This will give the patient more strength in the region and increase the capacity to handle tasks. 

03.The restoration of the function phase

This is the final part of the recovery stage. This is where you will need post-surgical physiotherapy practices the most. Manual therapies during this period will include a range of strengthening exercises and in depth physical / manual therapies to strengthen the muscles. The human muscles can get strong just through massage. This is a proven technique and is used by many people around the world to get a fit and stronger body. Our physical therapy sessions during this stage will ensure your strength is regained in the muscle to handle your outdoor situations at Edmonton well.

When you complete these three stages of physiotherapy practices you will no longer need any help for healing. These three phases will make you take control of your operated part and help you to retain regular activities. We also work in good relationships with the Wcb of Alberta to make your insurance processes hassle free. We have access to all their schemes and you will feel free of work through our clinical procedures. 

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Our physiotherapy clinic provides pre & post-operative physiotherapy for:

Anyone who has a surgery planned ahead or anyone who has completed their surgery can benefit from Pre and Postoperative physiotherapy at Granville.Therapeutic practices in our physiotherapy clinic are manual and distinctive. We give exceptional training to those who undergo knee and hip replacement surgery. Surgeries caused due to Motor vehicle accidents can also be treated with professionals at Granville clinic. 

The therapies at Granville include

  • Pre counseling session
  • Pre-operative physio practices
  • Post-operative therapy & strengthening sessions

These physio practices will help you handle all the stages of surgery with ease. Physiotherapy practices given by professionals including workouts and stretching can be highly beneficial in recovery. You can also opt for Tele Rehabilitation where you can get the knowledge of our professionals from the ease of your home. You can get voice call therapies and video call therapies and follow the routine with the assistance of a loved one or on your own.

Pre & Post Operative physiotherapy

There are a lot of benefits to Pre & Post-operative physiotherapy. You can almost increase the effectiveness of any surgery with the help of Pre & Post Operative physiotherapy professionals at Granville Physiotherapy clinic. 

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