Neck Pain Physical Therapy

Neck Pain Physical Therapy



When to Abstain From Neck Pain Physical Therapy

Don’t Let Neck Pain Ruin Your Day. Use Physical Therapy to Achieve Relief.

Neck pain physical therapy, as the name implies, is one of the most popular forms of therapeutic treatment for persistent neck discomfort. Most neck pain physical therapy programs here at Granville Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic involve using treatments to sufficiently reduce discomfort and/or stiffness in order to strengthen your neck.

According to the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA), about one-third of the Canadian population suffers from neck pain yearly. Therefore, whichever condition may cause your neck pain, a physical therapist can ease the pain using therapeutic techniques.  

The aims of neck pain physical therapy are:

  • Minimize discomfort and stiffness
  • Increased range of motion in the head and neck
  • Create a dynamic neck strengthening program that includes the muscles that support it.
  • Identify suitable therapeutic ways to stop the pain.

The exact cause of neck pain is multifactorial. Therefore if you feel any form of discomfort or pain, meeting with a physical therapist is important. Neck pain physical therapy should be recommended in several cases, such as but not limited to;

Unknown Persistent Ache : It might be challenging to pinpoint the precise cause or mechanism of neck pain when it persists or keeps coming back. Strengthening the neck muscles could benefit the cervical spine’s support and pain tolerance even in the absence of a diagnosis.

Recovery Following Surgery : There may be substantial pain and stiffness in the weeks and months that follow some neck procedures. When two or more cervical vertebrae are fused during an anterior cervical discectomy with fusion (ACDF) procedure, for instance, the movement of the neck and upper back muscles may change. As the muscles are reconditioned in these circumstances, physical therapy may assist in working through stiffness, improving neck function, and lessening or preventing painful spasms.

Healing from an Injury : Whiplash is one type of injury that can harm the soft tissues and joints of the neck, causing discomfort and/or stiffness that can continue for weeks or even longer. A physical treatment regimen can lessen discomfort and assist in restoring the neck’s natural functionality. 

Physical therapy may occasionally fail to relieve neck pain or possibly make it worse. If any of the following apply, physical therapy is normally not advised for chronic neck pain:

Considerable Spinal Instability : When a vertebral bone is fractured, spinal degeneration compresses the spinal cord or a nerve root, or both, the cervical spine may not be stable enough for exercise. Before continuing physical treatment in such circumstances, the spine must be stabilized to prevent more damage.

Significant Underlying Medical Condition : If a tumour infection is the cause of your neck pain, you must first treat the underlying issue. For instance, performing workouts won’t help if a cancerous tumour is causing neck pain because doing so will only make the tumour grow larger. 

There are two common types of neck pain physical therapy. These include

Passive Physical Therapy : Passive physical therapy is a specific therapeutic regimen administered to patients without their active participation. This type of therapy consists of many treatment options, including using cold packs, heat therapy, massage therapy, ultrasound, electrotherapy, and others. Passive physical therapy aims to aid in the reduction of pain and swelling.

Active Physical Therapy : This type of therapy involves the patient moving their own body while performing stretches and exercises. Strengthening and extending the neck muscles may make them less uncomfortable and better able to hold the head upright, relieving pressure on the cervical spine. 

Physical therapy’s potential to lessen spine-related pain, such as that in the neck or lower back, has been the subject of numerous studies. According to the most recent medical literature, physical therapy has a moderate to strong potential to lessen neck pain and increase the range of motion. When paired with other treatment modalities like aerobic exercise, physical therapy has been shown in certain studies to have even greater therapeutic advantages.

It can be difficult to gauge how effectively a patient adheres to the recommended regimen, which makes it difficult to get accurate statistics about physical therapy’s efficacy or lack thereof. For instance, exercising improperly or less frequently than recommended can decrease the likelihood that the treatment will be effective. 

Neck pain physical therapy at Granville Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic can help you address neck discomfort as quickly as possible using a natural, safe, and effective approach in order to ease your pain and restore your neck function to normal.

When you visit our clinic at your first appointment, our physiotherapist will conduct a full assessment to identify the source of your pain and other contributing factors that may be affecting your overall health. Based on the final assessment result, they will develop an individualized treatment plan that will be adopted during in-clinic sessions for a particular period. Some of the treatments that may be included in the plan include hands-on manual therapy, specific movements, physical activities, stretches, exercises, and other therapeutic modalities such as acupuncture. This will ensure your joint mobility, balance, and upper body extremities are strengthened and restored to normal.

As treatment progresses, our physiotherapist will focus more on recovery. Therefore, they will revisit your treatment plan to remodify it to ensure any discomfort or underlying symptoms are completely eliminated, and your recovery is fastened.

We believe that educating a patient on preventive and management strategies after therapeutic regimens and recovery are very important in mitigating stiff or painful neck reoccurrence. Therefore, our physical therapist may recommend regular assessment of physical baselines, exercises, specific movement strategies while at home, stretches, and ergonomics to keep your spine and neck in proper condition. 

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