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Pre and Post Surgical Physiotherapy in Edmonton

Pre and Post Surgical Physiotherapy in Edmonton

Pre and Post Surgical Physiotherapy in Edmonton | Book Now


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Are you looking for a clinic in Edmonton, Canada, that can help you with an effective therapy plan to reduce your surgical pains and improve your general fitness? Then, Granville Physiotherapy Clinic is here for you.

Book your appointment with us today. We will be happy to help you live a comfortable life before and after your surgery. 

Pre-surgical physiotherapy enables patients to safely get ready for and recover from surgery under the guidance of a certified and registered physical therapist. Before surgery, physical therapy reduces pain and inflammation. In addition, it also improves your emotional and mental well-being. A tailored exercise conditioning program and other therapeutic regimens will be designed to prepare the muscles for the upcoming surgery. Pre-surgical physiotherapy aids patients in reducing discomfort, decreasing swelling, boosting endurance, improving general fitness, regaining range of motion, and regaining flexibility and strength in the muscles and joints close to the affected area. Physical therapy before surgery helps patients recover more quickly and with better results. 

Post-surgical physical therapy is essential to regain pain-free function and resume everyday activities smoothly and more rapidly. Patients are safely and gradually eased into everyday activity and routine exercise during post-surgical physical therapy. Following surgery, our physical therapists at Granville Physiotherapy Clinic perform a complete evaluation and create a personalized therapy plan to reduce side effects and help restore movement, mobility, and function. Post-surgical physical therapy assists patients in managing post-surgical pain, regaining range of motion and strength, reducing discomfort, stiffness, and swelling, and speeding up their return to normal activities. Physical therapy following surgery can last several months, so starting as soon as possible is essential to ensure good joint healing and prevent scar tissue formation. After surgery, physical therapy will hasten healing. 

Pre-physiotherapy aids in the physical and emotional preparation for surgery. Attending therapy before surgery has several advantages. Some of the advantages a patient will likely experience include the following;

Faster Recovery – Knowing the exercises you’ll need to perform before surgery prepares your muscles. In addition, it will make post-surgical therapy more manageable and effective.

Fewer Complications – The likelihood of individuals encountering complications like infection following surgery increases with their weakness. Before surgery, pre-therapy can boost immunity and physical fitness.

Less Anxiety – Patients that have undergone some sort of pre-therapy are often less prone to anxiety or stress before the surgery. 

It’s essential to start a post-surgical physiotherapy plan as soon as your doctor states you’re ready. The following are a few of the benefits of post-surgical therapy.

Improve Circulation – Improved circulation speeds recovery and lowers the risk of blood clot formation. Circulation can also be improved through proper massage. In addition, blood circulation can be aided by various exercises and movements that a physical therapist may recommend.

Reduce Pain and Swelling – The discomfort and swelling you experience after surgery can be decreased with the appropriate post-surgical care. For example, a physical therapist might employ ultrasound and icing to lessen localized discomfort and swelling. 

Pre-Surgical Physiotherapy: The body must be exercised to prepare for this. It is equally critical as post-surgical physical therapy. However, the duration of hospitalization may be shortened, and you may require less post-surgical physical therapy. Your physical therapist would concentrate on endurance, stability, flexibility, joint mobility, cardiorespiratory endurance, and range of motion.

Post-Surgical Physiotherapy: A physical therapist will instruct you on using assistive aids, getting in and out of chairs, and improving your mobility after surgery. Your physiotherapist will give tips on managing your discomfort and designing an exercise program to help you recover more quickly. Physical therapy after surgery can play a crucial role in helping you go back to your regular activities.

A qualified therapist can aid in minimizing the aftereffects of surgery, including pain and swelling. Before and after ligament repairs, arthroscopies, decompressions, tendon transfers, complete joint replacements, and ACL reconstructions, we are delighted to help patients. Our programs can help you attain a complete range of motion and lower the risk of problems. 

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