Physio therapy for work-related injuries

Granville Clinic is now providing Physiotherapy for Work Injuries In Edmonton!

You can book your slots and visit our clinic to get physiotherapy. Our physiotherapists are calm and vibrant. We analyze the patients’ on a whole-body basis and give them therapies that will bring out the best in them. 

Granville physiotherapists have given fast magical turnovers in many patients’ life.

Our Physiotherapists are constantly evolving in terms of equipment and education. We accept and adapt to new technologies that are helpful for the patients. We have pledged to serve humanity, and we are successful.

Our physiotherapy practices will be soft & subtle. We know the anatomy well; whether your condition is chronic or not, we can give you therapy and home workouts that can work for you.

We work in all different aspects to make your life simple. You can avail of the WCB insurance right from our hospital. We work closely with WCB professionals to make your billing easy.

Click here and get Physiotherapy for Work Injuries In Edmonton to cure any injury caused during or on the way to work.

Work Injury Physiotherapy at Granville Physiotherapy

We have received many positive comments from our clients. We are trained and certified professionals who have been functioning in the treatment field for several years.
After analyzing your movements, injury, posture, and gait when you enter Granville, we will guide you through a quick tour of your injury and treatments.
Physiotherapy treatments have proven, in many cases, to decrease the recovery period of an injury.

We treat all patients with keen attention to detail.

We also work closely with the WCB worker’s compensation board of Alberta to maintain a lucid transition of all the insurance procedures. You can cover up to 4000 dollars for minor work injuries.

Get Physiotherapy for Work Injuries In Edmonton and treat all your injuries caused during or on the way to work.

What is a work injury?

Many people get injured during work. Most injuries heal over time, and some might stay and get worse. If you have such an injury, meeting Granville’s Work-Injury physiotherapists in Edmonton is always good. 

Injuries aggravate and mature with time!

If you have an injury and leave it untreated, there are many chances it will pressure other muscles or ligaments and carry down the damage in the kinetic chain.

Several people leave their injuries untreated in Edmonton for a long time which multiplies and increase pain, don’t be one of them. Contact our Granville physiotherapy center and get the right solutions for treating workplace injuries.

People injured in work place might also need

Our treatment for Work-Injuries

01.Physical Evaluation & Therapy

A physiotherapist is the first person to meet right after a work injury. Physical therapists have a set of procedures they follow to find the root cause of your pain and give customized treatment plans to treat it. 

Physical therapists also have multiple treatment plans to treat various conditions like vestibular dysfunction, neck pain etc. If you encounter work-related injuries, a physiotherapist near you will be the best solution for your pain. So Contact one now!

02.Tele Rehab

You can opt for Tele-Rehab if you are not able to Visit our clinic in Edmonton. If you are away or cannot travel, you can get Virtual tele rehab and Improve your condition.

03. Compression -Band-Aids

 If you are a baseball player or into any kind of sport then you might have encountered people wearing compression bands on their thighs and elbows.

Compression techniques have become a solution worldwide for people who have damaged muscles & tendons. 

Compression acts against gravity and supports your muscles.

If you have injured a muscle or a tendon during work, we might suggest you use a compression band-aid to contain the aggravation and fasten healing.


Acupuncture is one of the best ways to treat and relax muscles. Long sitting hours and slouched postures during working hours may create pressure points on multiple regions of the body. These can be treated effectively with the acupuncture method.

Next time you need acupuncture therapy, you know whom to call!  

How will your Work-Injury Physiotherapy Session Look Like

Work-related injuries can be physical or psychological. We provide treatments for both! Our physical therapists in Edmonton are there to treat your conditions with keen care and attention.

Our session might include

  • Questioning details of the incident
  • What makes your pain more
  • What eases your pain
  • And then, we do a physical examination to determine your condition.
  • Then, we will prescribe you our personalized treatment for your injury
  • We will give treatments in single/multiple sessions according to the damage you carry. 

What we Treat

Our Treatments Include but are not limited to:

01. Tendinitis

With repeated movements during your work, your tendons might get worn out and may cause Tendinitis. When the tendons get weaker, your bones start to rub onto one another, causing arthritis.

We perform muscle-strengthening physiotherapy exercises to aid in such conditions. We pay keen attention to your body and design your workouts and treatment accordingly.

With Tendinitis, you may encounter the following symptoms:

  • Joint pains that usually occur when you sit, stand, or move around.
  • You may also experience mild to medium swelling in the injured area.
  • Discomfort in body and agony in mind.

02.Muscle spasms & Strains

You might encounter Muscle spasms and strains due to repeated movements. Workers in workshops, factories, gudowns, and warehouses mostly experience muscle spasms.

03.Concussions happened in the workplace

A concussion is a condition that happens when the brain experiences whiplash or a blow. When the brain moves within the skull, the calcium cells rush into the brain, making it dull and non-energetic for a specific time.
Concussions need to be addressed immediately. Getting back to work right after a concussion will be a nightmare; people need to rest and slowly continue working part-time and adopt a full-time job once they feel alright.
If you experience any concussion symptoms, it is better to contact our concussion therapists in Edmonton. We are situated in NW Edmonton to provide work injury physiotherapy and many other services.

04. Motor vehicle accidents while commencing to work

Motor vehicle accidents could be a nightmare. Motor vehicle accidents can also happen while you travel to work. Some Motor vehicle accident injuries take time to show up and cause severe problems in future.
A casual visit to a physical therapist near you can help clear up all the problems. Physiotherapists will follow a strict evaluation method that will expose us all possible internal injuries. Get Physiotherapy for Work Injuries In Edmonton from Granville Physiotherapy if you have suffered a car or motor vehicle accident on your way to work. Contact Us By clicking this Link.

05.Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Our carpal tunnel contains a set of nerves in the wrist region. The median nerve in the carpal tunnel sometimes experiences blockage and cannot provide blood to our fingers. Carpal tunnel syndrome mostly happens to people who are in typing jobs.
Physiotherapists treat carpal tunnel syndrome with mobility exercises; sometimes, you will need surgery in rare cases. An evening visit to your nearby physiotherapist can improve your condition drastically.

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome you can get our Physiotherapy for Work Injuries In Edmonton. We work directly with insurance providers to provide you with direct billing!

06. Vestibular injuries due to work 

For people working under loud noises, a vestibular injury might occur. Our vestibular systems are present in the hindbrain and our inner ears. When the inner ears experience loud noises or infection, it can result in a damaged vestibular system. This may further cause vertigo and dizziness. Getting treated is crucial in such conditions. If you are going through any discomfort caused during work we provide Physiotherapy for Work Injuries In Edmonton with certified vestibular therapists and work injury physiotherapists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Immediate medical attention is advised for most cases of injury. Injuries get worse in time in most cases. We provide physiotherapy in Edmonton for all types of injuries.

The answer depends upon the type of injury. BPP Vertigo is mostly treated in one or two sessions.

Physiotherapists’ treatment include but is not limited to:

The moment your consultation starts the physiotherapists ask you a series of questions that will let them know about your condition like

  • How did the injury happen
  • What makes your pain worse
  • What eases your pain

Then they do a series of physical examinations that will give them full knowledge of your injury. So, yes a physiotherapist can diagnose your injury.

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