Sports physiotherapists in Edmonton

Sports physiotherapists in Edmonton

Sports physiotherapists in Edmonton

How our sports Physiotheraist will
help you!

Looking for a Sports Physiotherapist in Edmonton? Our Granville physiotherapy clinic is helping sports enthusiasts around Edmonton to manage their muscle health and decrease injury rehabilitation time. For any given injury, we support the players to heal and regain their real strength for the next match as soon as possible. 

Sports injuries are more common than motorcycle accidents. Injuries are unavoidable, and they must not let you quit the game because most injuries are manageable. Granville Physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton provides sports physiotherapy with brilliant therapists who have a clear mind and absolute clarity.

We also give psychological counseling that will make the player more active in the field and prevent them from getting injured in future.

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What A Sports Physiotherapist Does

All a sports physiotherapist does is find the injured muscle, perform rehabilitation techniques and make the player hop onto the field. Our physical therapists are highly passionate about sports and will take control of any given situation in the field and turn it in the team’s favor.

Our qualified and experienced physiotherapists can deal with musculoskeletal injuries, dislocations, weakness, tightness, tears, and whatnot. Our physiotherapists can aid the player with therapy, knowledge, and even confidence.

Human Conscious and Sports

Any activity that is done by a human unconsciously has a vast number of possible injuries attached to it. Unfortunately, neuroscientists say that our conscious mind is active only 5 percent of the time throughout our day. The rest, 95 percent of the time, our unconscious mind takes over. This 5% determines the rest 95% of our time & activities. 

 Even activities that involve movements, like sitting in a chair in agony for a long time, can cause back injuries. All we are saying is the musculoskeletal system of a body will go through injuries if given the wrong commands. But there’s nothing to blame on any of us. None of us intentionally injure ourselves or others. Before the aggravation, our on-field physiotherapist will start to rehabilitate the injuries.

On-field sports Physiotherapists are there to stop the injury from spreading over. They contain the damage by using Kinesio tapes, band-aids, etc. Contact us to get in touch.

3 Types of Sports Injury

External injury – External injuries might happen when a player encounters a collision with a fellow mate during the game. These are unavoidable! A physician from Granville Physiotherapy Edmonton will handle the condition with their expertise. 

Internal injuries – Internal injuries cannot be seen from the outside. Such damages need extra care and attention. 

Repeated injuries – When damage occurs in a specific spot of a sports player’s body, the injury must not be taken lightly. The player must receive proper rehab before he meets the next match to avoid issues.

Sports Physio therapists say-Prevention is better than cure!

  • We precondition the muscle with a higher chance of injury during the game.
  • Physical therapists of Granville physio give tennis players simulations through physical therapies in the rotator cuff muscles and their calf muscles to prevent injury.
  • Football players are given simulations with dry needles and physical therapies in the lower calf region to avoid ankle twists and other injuries.
  • These can be personalized with the sport and the individual player.
  • We continuously check the muscle condition before the match to avoid any possible injury during the game.


Granville Sports Physiotherapy Clinic

What we offer at Granville Sports Physiotherapy Clinic

We offer multiple sports-related treatments and aids at Granville Physiotherapy clinic Edmonton. We also provide on-field physiotherapy. Our physiotherapist Edmonton will accompany you to your game with all the gear and equipment necessary for the treatment. Our professional sports physiotherapists have vast knowledge in handling all body parts for recovery. 

With our physiotherapist’s support in your team, you will have an excellent game with almost no injury. Also, our neurological physiotherapists can cure all neurological damage caused during your game. 

Granville's approach !

We tend to work closely with the team’s coach to prevent injuries. We mainly partner with the coach to provide individual exercises for each player, considering their physical condition. 

We, as physiotherapists, pay keen attention to each player in their physique and movement patterns. Our evaluation and rehabilitation will help the players to have an injury-free game. 

Our deep tissue massage therapy techniques will aid in any serious injuries caused to your team player’s ligaments and bones. 

Our expert therapists have been doing it for years, and this will aid your players with the utmost professional treatment. 

Game Tours

We can participate in tours, giving constant administration to the player’s health and muscular condition.

Need of a Physiotherapist in Sports

The injuries caused during a sports event will be such that, if left untreated, they might worsen and cause intense pain.
It is always advisable to get aid from a physiotherapist.
With a good sports PHYSIO near you, you can feel confident in every game you play.

Main aim of Granville Sports physiotherapy clinic Edmonton

Our sports physicians are committed to treating and aiding sports players’ conditions. The main aim of a Sports physician will be to avoid injury or sometimes provide immediate relief to the player. Sports physiotherapy requires immediate results. This is where the sports physiotherapists come into play.
You may think not much can be done on such short notice, but our sports physicians use techniques that are effective in providing immediate relief. These can become in sustaining your top player inside the field.

9 Important gears in a Sports Physiotherapists kit

Sports physiotherapists do calculative treatments resulting in the best possible result quickly. Not all sports may cause the same type of injury. Some sports, like football, have more chances of creating an external wounds like scratches & tears. Other games, like ice hockey, have a higher chance of causing internal damage to the bone ligaments.
So the physician usually plans his gear according to the sports event they are aiding. Though some things may vary, each physician’s bag will always carry a set of items.

01. Gloves

Any physician will consider the glove as their most important asset. With all the player’s sweat and strain, treating another player with an open injury is hazardous.
For example, if a physician has treated a player with an open wound, it is not advisable to treat another player with the same glove who has an open wound. So what our sports physiotherapist at Granville Physiotherapy clinic Edmonton does is, throw away the gloves safely after finishing treating a player.
They also use them to protect themselves from any infection.

02.Cotton / Gauze

This is the second most crucial thing that will be present in a physician’s bag. Most physicians carry extra gloves, cotton & gauze inside their pockets for immediate medical attention. Cotton will help remove the blood from the skin, and gauze will help tie off the injury. These are also considered fundamental in any first aid toolkit.

03.Iodine / betadines

Betadine is often used to treat minor wounds and infections. The solution freezes the spread of infection, removes all the bacteria and dirt in the injured area, and aids in healing. The essential first aid given to an open wound will be cleaning off the wound with cotton and iodine solution and covering it with bandaids. 

04.Relief Sprays

These sprays are commonly sprayed on injured muscles, tendons, and joints to provide immediate relief on the field. These sprays cool down the ruptured tissue, resulting in immediate relief.


There are chances that a player on the team might have asthma or wheezing. Humidity, climatic conditions, and stress can increase asthma and wheeze in sports players. Inhalers provide instant relief to the person and aid the present situation.

06.Energy Bars

The energy bars can immediately restore the energy of the person. With energy bars, the player can quickly get into the game and play with amplified energy.


Certain salts in the form of tablets can restore the energy lost due to salt loss in the body. These will act as an instant relief mechanism for some players. The physician will observe the player keenly and provide the necessary add-on for the ongoing condition. 


Kinesio tape can contain the pain caused due to muscle injury, tear, joint dislocation, etc. The tape will grip the muscle from the outside and will not cause any other damage to happen to it by shocks and jerks.

09.Ice bags

Ice bags have been used in sports physio bags for a long time.

 Even years ago, sports physiotherapists used ice therapies instead of freeze gels and instant relief sprays. 

Ice bags control swelling and aid the condition naturally. The ice therapy will act as an instant relief from the pain. 

Our Sports Physiotherapists in Edmonton are certified and are reasonable professionals who can become a gem in your team. Try us for unbelievable results.

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Our Granville Physiotherapy Clinic

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Our clinical rehabilitation will help your players quickly rehabilitate from the injury and help them in getting back to the field. If you require us!

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