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Improper Lifestyle is one of the major causes of psychological issues all around the world. Our Vertex Physio & Performance Centers are here to aid and make lives better. Our Experienced Psychologists in Edmonton have proven to provide the best psychological treatment in Edmonton.

Our psychologists provide

  • Lifestyle therapies
  • Socialization therapies and
  • Therapeutic counseling for overcoming stress, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. 

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You can be who you are inside our Vertex physio & Performance centers. Our staff at vertex physio are trained, friendly, and judgment-free professionals.

If you are not able to reach our psychiatrist clinic, you can also get help through your phone in the form of TELE REHABILITATION

We give psychiatrists advice through video calls and voice calls too. Our psychiatrists will provide the necessary information and aids to handle your present mental condition.

You can always have a friend to talk to by getting in touch with our psychotherapists. 

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Our psychology treatment center in Edmonton will calm your soul and make you feel at home. Our calm and vibrant staff are spontaneous thinkers and will address all your problems professionally. Our psychotherapists have treated many patients around Edmonton and aided their psychological condition. 

Active lifestyle changes from psychiatrists for better mental health

We mainly focus on lifestyle changes that will impact one’s mental and physical health, An active lifestyle will look like

  • Early to bed and early to rise
  • A healthy morning routine that makes you sweat
  • Some me time &
  • A lot of social interactions

If you are afraid about the social interaction part it’s okay, we have Social Anxiety solutions that you can make use of.

Studies show one in five people in Canada experience some kind of psychological issue. The number doubles for people who are in their 40s.

Read further to know about the psychological disorders and our psychological therapist at Edmonton’s top clinic’s take on it. 


Bipolar disorder : 5 major symptoms of bipolar disorder

01.Extreme mood swings

Mood swings are common in people having bipolar, you will find yourself happy, sad, worried, ecstatic, and depressed all within a minute. This can cause load and stress on our brain, this needs to be addressed immediately with the help of psychiatrists. With the right psychological treatment, you will see improvements within weeks or even days. 

02.Loss of memory

Loss of memory has become a common thing with the new-gen information and knowledge, having bipolar will make your condition worse. Psychological treatments are mandatory for people who are suffering from memory loss due to bipolar disorders. 

03.No interest in Social Bonding

When one can’t find peace within themselves it is hard to bond with others, bipolar puts us in such a situation. But staying alive as possible with contrary thoughts will help, our Vertex physio & performance centers have psychological counselings that will bring you out of the mystery you are in. 

04.Suicidal Thoughts

Bipolar disorders will attack our brain with mood swings, depression, and suicidal thoughts all at a time. This will affect your longevity and cause serious health issues. It is advisable to contact a psychotherapist to get an easy solution to turn your life around. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Our psychiatrist’s goal is to help people to make them lead a peaceful life as they like. 

05.Sudden urge to attack someone

This is an intense symptom of bipolar disorder.If you encounter yourself in such a situation, keep calm and remind yourself this too shall pass and it will. Then meet our psycho therapist at Edmonton and explain to them your condition, they will find the root cause and give simple life-altering solutions that will ease you. Our Psychiatric hospital is known well to help patients in their extreme zones. 

3 Psychiatrist advice for overcoming Bipolar Disorder

01.Psychotherapy- advice on lifestyle changes

The best solution to many disorders and conditions we are encountering in this era is a lifestyle change. A single lifestyle change plan cannot be made so that everyone can follow, each one of us has our own lifestyle we are living in. Our psycho analysts will analyze your present condition and suggest some simple changes that you could bring on to life. 

02.Try following a schedule for 90 - 120 days

Through internet knowledge and podcasts, most of us know which change needs to be done in our life. If you know what changes can make your condition better then do it for ninety-plus consecutive days so that you will gain confidence and even if you go back to your routine you can always easily come back.  

03.Get self-help

Self-management programs can help in mild to medium cases but if the bipolar condition is deep then the self-management plan could become a disaster. In this case, professional advice is mandatory and will help in easing your situation. You can avail our help anytime you want.
Book your appointment today and meet our psycho therapists at Vertex Physio & performance center soon. Our Psychiatric hospital is open to people who are in need. 

Communication disorder : 5 major Symptoms of a communication disorder

01.Misuse of words

Anyone who has a surgery planned ahead or anyone who has completed their surgery can benefit from Pre and Postoperative physiotherapy at Granville.Therapeutic practices in our physiotherapy clinic are manual and distinctive. We give exceptional training to those who undergo knee and hip replacement surgery. Surgeries caused due to Motor vehicle accidents can also be treated with professionals at Granville clinic.

02.Confusion of words during communication

This happens to most of us, we may have two different words for one situation when we speak. These are also believed to be signs of our brain trying to rewire itself. So chill and get a physiotherapy session from us, we will give you all the necessary information to handle your situation.  

03.Inability to speak the truth in spite of wanting to

This usually happens in situations where we try to protect ourselves, these can be cleared out with some right knowledge and some simple practices. Our therapists are good at providing the right knowledge for you, this will trigger your brain to do the right things and build you up from within. 


04.Uncontrollable sounds from the mouth

People shout hmm and hoo haa often, this happens mostly to people who either talk less or don’t talk at all, these conditions can be easily trained with some voice practices provided by our psychiatrists.  

05.Pain in throat

The inability to communicate will put us into an overwhelming feeling and this will create pressure in our throat region and make us feel pain in our throat. This can also be cured by our psychological therapist with voice training. 

3 Tips by psychiatrist in Edmonton for communicating effectively

01.Practice Speaking the truth

Practicing to speak only the truth can help us psychologically rewire our brains and make communication effortless 


02.Start reading books

Reading books will put new words into our brains and help us to create sentences unconsciously at ease. Reading books will also make you stress-free and who knows this can also become your new favorite hobby. Reading books will make you wiser and emotionally strong

03.Practice singing

Singing will open and a loud voice will open our voice canals and release all the stress off our throat region. This can be your golden self-help takeaway from the psychiatrist in Edmonton. 

Depressive episodes : 3 main bits of advice from vertex psychiatrist to avoid Depressive episodes

01.Get off Nicotine/ Caffeine

Nicotine and caffeine are very addictive substances that can damage our cellular rejuvenation. Over intake or sudden stopping of caffeine and nicotine can put you into depressive episodes. Getting off nicotine and caffeine gradually will help you to escape depressive episodes and build a better lifestyle. 

02.Get eight hours of sleep daily

Sleep is the time when our brain cleanses itself for working more efficiently for the upcoming day. If your sleep schedule is a mess then most probably it could be a cause for you to get depressive thoughts & emotions. So regulate your sleep schedule, and follow a strict pattern so that your brain knows it’s time for self-rejuvenation. This will take a load off your brain and help you to kick off depressive episodes and attain a healthy mind.

03.Plan Ahead

Planning ahead or thinking of solutions for situations we are going to encounter beforehand can help the brain work efficiently. By planning situations inside your head, you will have less chance of putting yourself into situations that can depress you. So our psychiatrists at Vertex say plan ahead! 

3 Signs of depressive Episodes

01.The feeling of loss in sadness

Getting lost in sadness is a part of a depressive episode. We are not born for living our lives depressed, and none of us intentionally does that. Depression has been in people’s minds for many centuries. But right now we are living in the most comfortable environment ever, there are only fewer reasons to be depressed than before. You can easily get out of depression through our psychiatrist counseling sessions. Through our counseling sessions, you will get insights that will help you make better decisions and help you to have better control over your depressive mind.

02.No interest in focusing

Though focus seems a thread away we may no longer want to focus, this is because of the lack of energy within ourselves. To overcome this and form a better bond with friends, relatives and parents contact our psychiatrist and get instant solutions. 

03.Frequent Suicidal/aggressive thoughts

These are frequently triggered in people encountering depressive episodes, like three or four times an hour, this can be nasty. Suicidal and aggressive thoughts are mostly triggered by repressed memories of trauma, psychological advice can try to ease the pain and help you think more rationally. 

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3 Tips to overcome Depressive Episodes

1.Call a helpline number

2.Keep your thoughts active

  • Thinking more about things you love can help
  • Thinking about calming memories of childhood will help your brain to attain a calm state.

3.Chew a gum

  • Chewing gum will distract you from what you are currently going through and help you to get out of depressive episodes.

Social anxiety

5 Major Symptoms of Social Anxiety

2.Frequent urination 
3.Feeling sleepy during conversations

  • Ever been in a social conversation and lost interest and felt sleepy?
  • These are our brain’s defense mechanisms to help us escape from the social anxiety we are facing.

4.Overwhelmed with unnecessary thoughts

  • Studies say that 47 percent of the time people are distracted by unnecessary thoughts.
  • Thoughts distract us from living in the present.
  • Finding yourself overwhelmed in thoughts during social situations is a major symptom of psychological social anxiety. If this is your case psychiatrists can help you attain good social bonds and help you actively engage in social conversations with ease.

5.Lack of interest in the present situation

5 Tips to overcome social anxiety

1.Talk with a psychology therapist

The psychological therapists in our Vertex Physio & Performance Centers are waiting to treat you. Vertex Physio & Performance Centers provides psychological treatments for patients requiring psychological advice and psychological treatments. Our therapists can also be accessed right from where you are. Make use of our Tele Rehabilitation program and find a cure from your home.

2.Practice mindfulness

  • Mindfulness practices are practiced by humans for over 2500 years
  • With our psychotherapy professional’s mindfulness practices you can easily live in the present and have a good social bond.

3.Practice thinking good about/for people around you

  • This will make your unwinding thoughts work for you. Wise ones always say “ what we think inside is always reflected outside”. Thinking good can help you and others around you to be in a pleasant state.

4.Taking help from nature by observing the sun, getting fresh air, and walking barefoot can help you ease your mind and get on well with your colleagues.

5.Improve attention span: Practicing Focusing on things that interest you like your passion/hobby.

  • Focusing on things you love can be beneficial for you and at the same time will improve your span of attention. 

Dark dreams

3 Tips for overcoming dark dreams

1.Meditate before sleep

  • Sit in a dark place
  • Close your eyes
  • Think of some beautiful sceneries and
  • Observe everything you hear, and think and bring your concentration back to your breath
  • Studies show people practicing meditation benefit from better genes, a clear mind, and low-safe blood pressure.

2.Make yourself a workable sleeping pattern

Fixing a proper time for your sleep will help you shape your brain to be more composed. The proper sleeping pattern will cleanse our brain and in turn, have a positive impact on our dreaming pattern too.

3.Avoid watching scary movies

The things we see and experience will be saved in our brain as a memory. This memory has more possibility of changing into a nightmare. Avoiding scary scenes at the beginning will help you to get away from scary dreams.


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