Pre and Post Surgical Physiotherapy In Edmonton

Physiotherapy Before and After Surgery in Edmonton

Physiotherapy Before and After Surgery in Edmonton

Pre & Post Operative Physiotherapy

Surgeries could be complicated! So we provide Pre and Post Surgical Physiotherapy in Edmonton to make it trouble-free. 

A physical therapy session from Granville Physiotherapy Clinic can mesmerize you in all possible ways. You can expect a quick jump ahead in terms of your health & surgery life. Studies show that Pre-surgical Physical therapy has reduced the rehab time of patients after surgery.

Our experienced & certified therapists at Granville Physiotherapy clinic Edmonton can help patients recover from a wide range of surgical operations, helping to improve strength, balance and flexibility. Get pre and post-operative physical therapy from Granville Physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton now. We have everything you need for your wellness. Contact us!

7 Benefits Of Pre-Surgical Physiotherapy

1) Make the operation easy for the surgeon.

Conditioning the surgical area with manual therapy will make it easy for the surgeon to conduct surgery.

2) Avoid operation

Physiotherapists at Granville Clinic will give pre-operational physiotherapy before four to six weeks. Our physiotherapy exercises and practices will make your joints and muscles more assertive and flexible. 

Physiotherapy can decrease the chances of operation with pre-surgical rehabilitation. Our Granville physiotherapy clinic will take all the possible measures to make your session beneficial. If you are around Edmonton, you can find us by searching Pre and post-surgical Physiotherapy clinic near me.

3) Increase chances of healing

Studies show preoperative physiotherapy before a Knee arthroplasty reduces the hospitalization period after surgery.

4) Makes you strong

One of the main aims of preoperative physical therapy is to Condition the area your surgeon will operate. For the surgeon to work confidently, it is essential to make the region strong, stable, and mobile. 

Our preoperative physiotherapy sessions will increase mobility and help you in all aspects.

Since pre-surgical Physiotherapy involves massage therapies and movement exercises, a six to eight-week pre-physiotherapy session will condition your muscles, joints, and nerves to the best level for operation. The conditioning will make your muscles more mobile and make you feel strong. Get Pre-operative physiotherapy in Edmonton and cure yourself.

Some more benefits of Preoperative rehab are:

  • It reduces pain post-surgery
  • Increases recovery speed
  • Make the joints more mobile 

5) Reduces pain

Pre-surgical rehabilitation is known to reduce pain during the recovery period. This will help you to have a more peaceful time during the recovery.

6) Increases recovery speed

This is a proven fact that prehab will increase your recovery speed. Since your tissues will be prepared to go through the surgery, the operation process will become fluid and you can expect impeccable results from surgery.

7) Make your joints more mobile

Joint mobility is an essential thing to the human body. The prehab will focus on increasing mobility, which will positively affect the circulatory system, make you more comfortable, and increase your chances of healing and avoiding surgery.

Psychological counseling before surgery

Surgeries can put some people into mental depression affecting their well-being. To prevent this, we ask our patients to sit and relax while we counsel them regarding their upcoming surgery.

Our Counseling sessions mainly include
  • The patients may be given knowledge on stopping blood pressure medication.
  • Our physiotherapists may advise you about the impact of the anesthetics given during surgery.
  • The physician may tell the importance of stopping anti-inflammatory medicines and Blood thinners.
  • Reviewing any medication with your doctor is advisable.
  • We may tell the patients what surgery will feel like 
  • We also educate the patients about the side effects they could encounter after surgery.
  • We give them analytical research about the patients who underwent surgery beforehand. The analytics will give them an idea of what they will be experiencing after surgery.
  • To get good results from the surgery, Pre-hab education is mandatory.

Post-Surgical Rehab : Post-Surgical Physiotherapy Phases

01. Physiotherapy During The early recovery phase

Right out of the operation room comes the early recovery phase. During this phase, the physical therapist will concentrate on giving you:

  • Pain relief treatments
  • Therapies to lessen the swelling
  • Give very soft therapies to improve the mobility of joints
  • Assist you in walking and doing simple rudimentary work.


02.Physiotherapy during the strength and mobility access phase

The second phase comes right after the swelling, bruises, and stitch injuries caused during surgery have gone away.
If you are in this phase and want to start your physiotherapy, you can do it with all your heart.
This phase is one of the main stages of recovery, as all the supporting tissues and muscle groups around the operated region will start to work.

03.The restoration of the function phase

The restoration phase is the final part of recovery. This phase is where you will need post-surgical physiotherapy the most. Our physiotherapist may give Manual therapy and strengthening exercises to help your rehab.
Our physical therapy sessions during this stage will ensure your strength is regained in the muscle to handle your outdoor situations well.
When you complete these three stages of physiotherapy, you may no longer need any help for healing.
We also work in good relationships with the WCB of Alberta to make your insurance processes hassle-free.

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Post Operative Physiotherapy In Edmonton

There are a lot of benefits to Post-operative physiotherapy. You can almost increase the effectiveness of any surgery with the help of Post Operative physiotherapy from Granville Physiotherapy clinic. 

Get Post-operative physical therapy and fasten rehab!

Therapies At Granville Include

  • Pre-counselling session
  • Pre-operative physio practices
  • Post-operative therapy & strengthening sessions

These physio practices will help you quickly handle all the stages of surgery. Physiotherapy practices, including physical movements and body postures, can benefit your recovery. You can also get pre and post-operative physiotherapy from Tele Rehabilitation, where you can get our Edmonton physiotherapist’s knowledge from your home’s solace. 

Who Can Get Pre & Post-Operative Physiotherapy

Anyone who has planned or completed their surgery can benefit from pre- and Post-operative physiotherapy. Therapeutic practices at our physiotherapy clinic are manual and distinctive.
We give exceptional therapies to those who undergo knee and hip replacement surgery. Our physiotherapists at Granville clinic also treat surgeries, done to correct Motor vehicle accident injuries!

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