Pre & post Natal physiotherapy in Edmonton

Pre & post Natal physiotherapy in Edmonton

Pre & post Natal physiotherapy in Edmonton

Pre & post Natal physical

Physiotherapy for Mothers!

Our warm greeting to all the pre and postnatal mothers out there! We are providing Pre and Post Natal Physiotherapy in Edmonton for you at our physiotherapy clinic and treat:

  • Pelvic floor issues
  • Stitch mark reduction – post surgery
  • Pregnancy Education
  • Postnatal physio
  • Diastasis Recti rehabilitation
  • Muscle strengthening for a healthy pregnancy
  • Psychological counselling for postpartum depression and much more

Our trained therapists at Granville physiotherapy clinic will diagnose your present condition and provide you with the necessary support. Some of our pro Physiotherapists are 20 + years experienced and can handle many given situations. So trust us and give us a visit! Visit our physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton.

Physiotherapy For Diastasis Recti (A common condition Post Pregnancy)

Diastasis Recti is a condition faced by postpartum mothers. Diastasis recti happen when the lower abdomen muscles break while carrying or delivering a baby. 1 in 2 women meet with this condition, and Our women therapists use multiple postnatal physiotherapy practices to treat such conditions at Granville physiotherapy clinic.

Untreated Diastasis Recti has also led to a lifelong bloated stomach look. Studies show that diastasis recti could also lead to an umbilical hernia. Thankfully our physiotherapists in Granville physiotherapy clinic Edmonton have 20+ years of experience in the field and can treat such patients with their wise knowledge of physiotherapy.

Suffering with Urine Leakage During Pregnancy?

Incontinence is a common condition faced by women during pregnancy; this can lead to urine leakage while laughing or even sneezing. With the baby’s weight inside you, your pelvic floor muscles tend to get tired and cause imbalance and weakness in the Pelvic floor region.

Pelvic floors are a set of muscles that are responsible for holding the internal organs without falling. These are present in our hip region. A part of this muscle is responsible for regulating the urine & fecal matter too. 

If you have a problem controlling your urine or feces, we have excellent men and women pelvic floor therapists to rehabilitate your pelvic floor muscles and make you drift tension free.

Our physiotherapists are known to educate & treat the patients with full attention and conscience. A single session at Granville physiotherapy can be transformative. Click here and Get Pre and Post Natal Physiotherapy In Edmonton From Granville Physiotherapists.

Mental Counselling & Pre Natal Physiotherapy

Most pregnant mothers carry on more tasks than ordinary people. The Prenatal stage may make a woman mentally powerful or drained out. 

During drained-out conditions, our physiotherapists may act as psychological counselors to educate the mothers to make them more energetic.

Also, our physiotherapy practices for pregnant mothers in Edmonton may include

  • Strength and flexibility improvement
  • Analyzing the hip flexors and core slings
  • Physical Therapy to increase blood flow
  • Induce a positive environmental condition for the mother and baby with exercises & Physical-Therapy
  • Lower Back Strengthening Workouts

Benefits of Physiotherapy At Granville

  • You may see positive results after a few sessions
  • Have a peaceful labour
  • Improve the mother’s health as well as the baby’s

You get some basic things, but there is more to it. Visit our clinic to know more. 

You can also get prenatal and postnatal physiotherapy from home through Tele Rehabilitation.

Getting Pre and Post-Natal Physiotherapy at Granville physiotherapy clinic can give you magical benefits.

Physiotherapy for After Childbirth

Mothers who underwent a c-section are said to have lifelong pain in their spine due to the anesthetic injection given during the delivery. Physiotherapy practices can rehabilitate the injured spot and heal them for facing everyday struggles.

Physiotherapy practices at Granville Physiotherapy clinic for delivered mothers can help them return to their previous health condition quickly.


Pregnancy Workouts At Home

After some sessions at Granville Physiotherapy clinic, you can carry on the exercises given by our physios at your home. Home workouts will save a penny and help you stay in shape. 

Our Physiotherapists !

Granville physiotherapists are entirely focused and consciously practice physiotherapy on each patient they encounter; this will be the same for you. Our physicians do the necessary treatments a mother needs to improve her body condition.
If you are suffering from any pain caused due to pregnancy, our physiotherapists will bring out the possible solutions for you!

You can book your online appointments even now!

Tele Rehabilitation For Pre & Post Natal Physiotherapy

We aim to educate and help mothers get physiotherapy sessions from their comfort zone. Our unique programs will help you join our physiotherapists worldwide. Get physiotherapy sessions from your home on your mobile phones & Tv. 

A note to all mothers!

Pregnancy makes you Beautiful!

  • Pregnancy is the time when you can create something new within your body, 
  • So adding health benefits to your present physical health will make it marvellous.
  • We try to give our best in all our physical therapy sessions; with this, your pregnancy can become miraculous. 

Benefits of Pre & Post- Natal Physiotherapy

  • Our body needs both physical and psychological stability to survive peacefully
  • At Granville physiotherapy, we give therapies for both physical and psychological health.
  • Our Manual therapies will help you to rejuvenate your physical body.
  • And the Psychological tips we give will help your mind to stay calm and powerful.
  • Our human system has a mechanism and functionality of its own, our aim is to bring out the best in each patient we meet.

Major Problems Faced By Pregnant Women

1. Constipation is a condition caused when the body produces more gas. Constipation results in a bloated stomach and discomfort while we walk or sit. 

2. Prolapse is the next common thing a pregnant mother faces. Bad posture and improper breathing may cause an organ prolapse. With our baby growing inside, prolapse could be dangerous. 

If you are carrying or have delivered a baby, we provide Pre and Post Natal Physiotherapy In Edmonton to address all your needs. There are 206 bones 600 different muscles, and our nerves can go up to 45 miles if stretched. These become too much to handle as a mother. Getting Pre and Post Natal Physiotherapy will help you cross your pregnancy and post-natal stages easily In Edmonton. 

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