Motor Vehicle Accident physiotherapists in Edmonton

Motor Vehicle Accident physiotherapists in Edmonton


No motor vehicle accidents are caused intentionally. If you encounter a motor vehicle accident, it is better to get treated by a physiotherapist and quickly.

There is nothing to worry about your accident, just give us a call, and we will handle it from there. Our excellent services include Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapy In Edmonton, and we have trained physiotherapists to handle your situation at Granville physiotherapy centre. They will solve your physical needs effectively. We analyze your whole body to find the injured points and prepare a treatment plan.

If you have encountered a light motor vehicle accident, you would have known that physiotherapy helps. We have helped multiple people who underwent motor vehicle accidents around Edmonton to cope with their condition.

Our Granville physiotherapy clinic is situated in Edmonton and is a locally well-known multi-specialty physiotherapy clinic. We provide a cure for various conditions for the people around Edmonton who come to us for different physical & psychological needs including motor vehicle accidents. 

Psychological Conditions Caused Due To Motor Vehicle Accidents

Psychological distress could also be caused by car & other motor vehicle accidents. Getting treated by our physiotherapists will be a pleasurable experience for you as our physiotherapists treat every patient with ultimate care. 

The knowledge given by our therapists may prevent you from future accidents & injuries.

A Day At Granville Physiotherapy Clinic

We treat patients based on their body conditions and mental health at our physiotherapy Clinic. To Get treated for your motor vehicle accident injury, Contact us.

Motor Vehicle Accidents In Canada

 In Canada, Motor vehicle accidents are mainly caused due to slippery roads, which gives way to more whiplashes. Whatever the situation, you will be assisted by our physicians and given proper treatment in Edmonton from Granville Physiotherapy Clinic.

Whiplash Due To Car Accident

Whiplash rashly drives our head to and forth, resulting in an injured neck & other body parts. Whiplash is a common injury majorly caused due to car accidents. Sports activities like boxing and ice hockey can cause whiplash too.

Most whiplash victims do not feel the pain right after the incident. They think it after their head, and neck regions start regular work. These Whiplash injuries show symptoms usually within a day.  

Major Symptoms of whiplash

  • Pain in the trapezius muscle
  • Inability of Neck movements
  • Headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Dizziness
  • Vertigo
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Inability to balance the head
  • Unstable neck

When a symptom of whiplash is seen, it is necessary to get treated by a physiotherapist ASAP. This may reduce future possibilities of trauma in the brain.
If you have come across whiplash, physiotherapy can help you get back to normal activities sooner. If you have encountered a car accident, you can use physiotherapy and decrease your rehabilitation time. Physiotherapy also reduces stress and relieves mental pain.

Treat depression & anxiety caused due to motor vehicle accidents

Depression caused due to a motor vehicle crash can be cured with the Help of Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapy. In Edmonton, our Granville therapists are experts in their field and are well-trained. Our therapists give therapies to patients who suffer from depressive episodes. If you are around Edmonton and need Help with depression and anxiety, Contact Granville Physiotherapy clinic we will find a way to cure it.

Vertigo After Car Accident

When you get hit by a car, the incident may put your brain into trauma and cause vertigo later. Our therapeutic modalities and other physiotherapy treatments can treat and cure this condition.

The Symptoms of Vertigo Are

  • Spinning
  • Feeling nauseated in weird conditions
  • Feeling of imbalance in our left & right legs
  • Fear of falling down from bed
  • Blurred vision either in one eye or both eyes
  • Unrecognizable speech

Vertigo can be triggered by

  • Bending forward
  • Getting out of bed in the morning suddenly
  • Lifting heavy things from the floor

You can book your online appointments even now!

Concussion After A Car Accident

Car accidents can cause Concussions too. Most Car Accidents may happen due to

  • Rash driving
  • Consumption of alcohol while driving
  • Races
  • Distractions
  • No respect for road safety rules

All of these results may result in a concussion. During a concussion, the brain moves within the skill rapidly, resulting in the rushing down of several calcium particles into the brain as a defence mechanism. They put our brains into concussion mode. Physiotherapy concussion management plans are given by our physiotherapists in Edmonton for those who undergo a concussion due to a car accident or other conditions. If you have gotten into a car accident and feel a trauma, feel free to contact us

Symptoms of a Concussion caused due to car accident

The symptoms of a concussion are mostly not seen from outside but usually felt from within, there is a wide possibility you will

  • Feel a Loss of energy
  • No motivation
  • Vertigo
  • Blurred vision
  • Nausea
  • Lightheaded feeling
  • Inability to think
  • Difficulty in decision making
  • Inability ineffective
  • Inability in Effective Communication

What to do After A Concussion

If you are going through a concussion, you will immediately be advised by your physical therapist to stop all activities and follow their management plan. The physical therapist will first analyze your day-to-day activities by asking a series of questions from you, then they will prepare a management plan where you will be doing only limited activities from your daily routine.

  • Going to school or work but with a restricted time
  • Take time alone with no cell phones
  • Taking a walk in the nature
  • Try Breathing regulators
  • Regulate sleeping patterns
  • Drinking more water
  • Rest

These are some of the main suggested treatments given by physiotherapists worldwide. Our physiotherapists are excelled in concussion management and know the ethics and rules to be followed while treating a patient. We have 20-plus years of expertise in treating patients with concussions. Our physiotherapists have participated in multiple seminars and crash courses to update their knowledge in treating motorcycle accident injuries, and they keep up with the latest physiotherapy practices.

Get Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapy At Granville Clinic

Car accidents can leave you in a state of confusion and distress right after the incident. Make sure to contact people you know for mental support. To avail of our physiotherapists after your Motor Vehicle Accident In Edmonton, Contact Granville Physiotherapy Center.

What to do right after a car accident?

  • Car accidents may create trauma inside your head and leave you with confusion.
  • The first thing to do is get medical help and then inform a friend about your situation to get mental support.
  • Once you are back to normal, arrange a meeting with your insurance provider and the accident mate’s insurance provider for claiming insurance.

How to stay away from car accidents

  • The way to stay away from car accidents is by having an active consciousness on the road.
  • The feeling of not injuring anyone when you drive should be constantly on your head.
  • Watch out for possible accident causes.
  • Maintain speed limits
  • Use mirrors
  • While going on long trips, keep yourself active, or it may lead to sleep

Certain small conscious activities may save you and another innocent life from danger. So keep that in mind and drive sincerely. Get Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapy In Edmonton from Granville Physiotherapy. Contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Undoubtedly distracted drivers are the primary cause of car accidents. Distractions may happen through drinks or other reasons. Improper attention to roads causes a lot of accidents in Canada. This can be brought down by responsible drivers and following an active lifestyle. An active lifestyle will make a person stay awake on the road and may decrease the cause of car accidents.

As per the report Scarbrough, Network, and Brampton encounter the most number of car accidents. This is due to an increase in traffic and a busy lifestyle.
  • The neck region
  • Back of the head
  • Face
  • Top head
  • Chest
  • Hand and leg (fractures)

These are the parts that are more commonly getting injured in a car accident.

In Canada, on average distracted drivers contribute 25%of road accidents.

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