Male Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy in Edmonton

Male Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy in Edmonton

Male Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy in Edmonton

Get Better Pelvic Floor Health With Physiotherapy

Granville Physiotherapy Clinic provides Male Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy for men who cannot control urine, gas, or stool excretion and are in pain in and around their pelvic region or have premature ejaculation in Edmonton. A dysfunction in the pelvic floor muscles may even cause Organ Prolapse, which can further lead to hiatal and inguinal hernia(refer)

About Granville

In Edmonton, Granville Physiotherapy Clinic is there to help you with pelvic floor physiotherapy if you are going through any of the above mentioned problems and more.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy has been helpful for so many men in Edmonton and around the world. We provide online pelvic floor physiotherapy for men to help you cure your pelvic floor dysfunction from your home.

If you think you may have a weak pelvic floor read the symptoms and get a crystal clear idea!

Major Symptoms of a weak pelvic floor

01. Incontinence

Incontinence is a situation where a person loses his ability to control urine. With Incontinence, the urine leaks when the person laughs, sneezes, or even coughs. These can be embarrassing and may cause depression. To improve the condition, our Male Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists in Edmonton strengthen the muscle with workouts and therapies.

02. Lower Sex Drive

Pelvic floor dysfunction can cause lower sex drive and premature ejaculation in men. Our men’s pelvic floor physiotherapist in Edmonton handles such cases wisely with several clinical and therapeutic techniques. To know more about pelvic floor strengthening workouts, read below.

03. Organ Prolapse

Imagine sitting on top of a person. For some time, they may seem fine, but when time passes, the pain will aggravate and may cause an injury. The same happens with our internal organs. With a weak pelvic floor, the organs collapse on top of each other and cause organ prolapse. If left untreated, it will cause organ health issues and cause pain in our pelvic region which can affect our day-to-day activities.

Major Causes of weakness in men’s pelvic floor

  • Obesity – obesity can cause the organs to prolapse and hence can affect the floor’s health. 
  • Non-usage of the muscle – This is one of the most important reasons for a weaker pelvic floor. Lower usage of the muscle leads to a weaker pelvic floor.
  • Prostate cancer, physical damage, and internal injuries can also result in weakness of the pelvic floor.


Our Treatments for weak pelvic floor in men includes but not limited to

01. Physical Therapy

Men’s pelvic floor specialists make the adjustments at our clinic in Edmonton. Our men’s pelvic floor therapists identify the weak muscles, give manual therapies, and use specific therapeutic modalities to solve your current condition.

02. Exercise Therapy

A physical therapist can provide exercises to strengthen and rehabilitate your pelvic floor muscles. If you are unable to exercise regularly, then there are more chances you will feel the results for some time, and soon enough, they will vanish away.

Our muscles are made in a way such that they need regular workouts to be strong. Fitness in men’s pelvic floor cannot be obtained in a single day It needs regular attention, the pelvic floor muscle workouts should be done on a regular basis to get a more robust pelvic floor. Stronger pelvic floors can also give you stronger orgasms.

Our male pelvic floor therapists at Granville physiotherapy clinic

A male pelvic floor specialist must find the right set of exercises that will suit your needs…

Our therapists in Granville physiotherapy clinic will help you find it and give you lifelong guidance regarding any health problems. 

Tele Rehabilitation For Men's Pelvic Health

If you want men’s pelvic floor treatment right from home, you can contact us by booking an appointment

During our Tele Rehabilitation, we will ask you questions and make you perform specific pelvic floor movements.

With this, our men’s pelvic floor physiotherapists will analyze your present pelvic floor condition and formulate the right exercises and rehab techniques for improving your situation.

Our men’s pelvic floor physical therapists have years of experience providing relief for the men’s pelvic floor muscles. We provide comfort in the form of therapies or exercises.  

Benefits of a strong pelvic floors

01. Higher Metabolism

The pelvic floor muscle plays a significant role in channelizing our metabolism

With a higher metabolism, you will also experience-

  • Increased energy
  • Healthy weight loss
  • Higher muscle mass
  • Quality sleep &
  • More burned calories.


02. Higher urinary bladder Capacity

The men’s and women’s pelvic floor muscles have two holes, one responsible for holding urine and the other for farts. Keeping the pelvic floor muscles balanced and exercised will increase your capacity to hold urine for a long time without damaging your system. The same applies to farts and feces too.

03. Better Organ Health

Our Pelvic floor is responsible for holding the organs in place. The organs include our cervix, vagina, uterus, bladder, rectum & urethra.
Our diaphragm’s health is also interconnected with the health of our pelvic floor. If our breathing is regulated, our diaphragm becomes strong, and it will also aid in the health of our pelvic floor muscles.
Maintaining optimal pelvic floor health can also indirectly improve our heart health.

04. Experience longer sexual durations

The Pelvic floor muscles control the canal that produces semen while we ejaculate. Exercising and maintaining our pelvic floor can give us an upper hand during ejaculation. Men who got men physiotherapy for pelvic floor also said that they had stronger & more powerful orgasms.

The pelvic floor exercises can become addictive once you start getting results. In men, the pelvic floor is also vital in enhancing our male hormones.
The pelvic floor is not a single muscle but a group of muscles that act in many different ways. Gaining control over the pelvic floor could be challenging in the beginning. But once the technique is mastered, it will help you in many different situations.

05. Lower the chances of your back injury

Organ prolapse is one of the main reasons for lower back injury. With a solid pelvic floor, there are lesser chances our organs may prolapse onto one another and cause back pain.

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Basic Men's pelvic floor exercises

01. Physiotherapy workouts

Here is a video where our women’s pelvic floor therapist explains the necessary workouts. Video.

02. Kegels

Kegels are a common workout that helps strengthen our pelvic floor muscles. The workout works by squeezing and relaxing the two outlets of our pelvic floor.

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How Much Does Male pelvic floor physiotherapy cost

The pelvic floor physiotherapy cost varies with each individual. If you have an extended health insurance plan, there are more chances you can bring physical therapy into your insurance coverage.

Pelvic floor muscles hold your organs in place; too many complications can happen in the pelvic floor. If you have ever taken physio for the pelvic floor, your physiotherapist might have said it. The physiotherapy’s cost varies according to the conditioning you receive from your physical therapists. If you need Male Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy in Edmonton Contact us.

It is always important to care for our bodies more than money. Pelvic floor health is necessary and shouldn’t be ignored. 

Get Male Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy in Edmonton and prevent Pelvic Floor dysfunction

Regular workouts may help in strengthening your pelvic floor and aid in your condition.

But our Male Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy treatment in Edmonton is done by experienced therapists with love and care. Visit Granville physiotherapy clinic to know more. 

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