Concussion Management in EDMONTON

Concussion Management in EDMONTON

Concussion Management in EDMONTON

Confusion? It might be a Concussion!

Concussion management at Granville Physiotherapy

Worried about your ongoing concussion? Granville Physiotherapy provides concussion management in Edmonton, which can help you to manage your ongoing trauma with experienced concussion therapists. We can find an accurate management plan to help you return to your active lifestyle soon.

Our practices will help you gradually recover from your ongoing concussion. Concussions can’t be cured in a single day, but we can help you prepare an action plan you can follow for the first few days to consciously take control of your life much sooner.

Our concussion management plan will not overstress your brain with extreme activities, concussions need time to settle down, and we know it. We give you little progressive activity management tips to help you get back on your feet quicker than expected.

Our therapists at Granville Physiotherapy are qualified professionals who will find the best management plan that will work for your everyday life. We do it all with love and passion.

Following our physical therapist’s concussion management techniques can increase your focus and attention span. All you have to do is believe in the plan, follow it, and see the change daily.

The management plan will include conscious rehabilitation techniques that will give your brain a progressive overload it can handle. We will also find the right amount of work your brain should do. We will do it by diagnosing your mental capacity in all aspects. We consider your physical health, mental activity, and emotional control to find your brain’s capacity and give the best coping management plan to follow. Contact us!

What is a Concussion?

When your brain receives a sudden blow, it might go into a concussion mode which can be easily identified with Concussion signs & Symptoms.

Concussions mostly happen due to workplace injuries, motor vehicle/ bicycle accidents, Sports injuries & falls. When your head hits an object or receives a hit, the potassium cells will quit your brain cells(neurons) and calcium cells get into it as a defence mechanism(refer). Research shows that concussions may recover within the first few hours or even take months.

This condition will make your brain work slower and will utilize all of your energy. Even everyday activities can become burdensome because of the inability of the brain to reproduce power.

The calcium cells that the neurons attract usually take time to release, which will happen once the brain feels safe and sound. Our concussion management therapists will help you to recover from your concussion without any side effects.

Most of us are in work or school environments where we cannot afford to lose classes and workdays. A recovery management plan will be necessary to manage this, which will help your brain recover at the best phase. Our experienced physicians at Granville Physiotherapy Clinic can prepare your management plans after a proper examination of your current condition. 

Concussion signs & Symptoms

The Physical Symptoms include
Cognitive Signs & Symptoms
Sleep symptoms like
Some emotional Symptoms you can notice are
  • Worrying
  • Feeling sad
  • Feeling zoned out etc

What happens after a concussion?

Concussions will make your brains work much slower and decrease the output capacity. If you undergo a trauma, you will clearly see it through signs & Symptoms. The calcium particles in your brain accumulated by traumatic brain injury will take time to go out and let your brain work hassle free. This can take days, weeks, or even months; the key to a successful recovery is patience and physiotherapy.

Handling things on your own during a concussion can lead to;

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Confusion
  • Loss of energy and appetite
  • Inability to focus
  • Neurocognitive issues etc

If you don’t allow your brain to progress gradually, chances are, it can cause tissue damage to your brain and cause serious health problems shortly. If you suffer from concussions it is always advisable to meet a local therapist nearby to make a concussion management plan for you. Our therapists are just a call away!

Creating your own concussion management plan?

A concussion is a state where your brain will not be in a condition to think right. Any decision taken during this period can cause future confusion and stress.
So it is always advisable to get professional help. A physiotherapist can easily assess your brain’s capacity with some techniques and provide you with the best recovery plan. Our physiotherapists offer concussion management in Edmonton.

We Create personalized concussion management plans

Our Physiotherapists in Edmonton are certified and trained professionals who can assist you during your concussion period. The physiotherapists in Granville physiotherapy clinic can create the most appropriate management plan for you, which will help you get back to your beautiful life sooner.

Initially, you may be advised to take school or work part-time. You can also continue sports after several days with some precautionary measures. All these will happen according to your physician’s plan, but your recovery duration lies in how you follow our concussion management in Edmonton. 

Concussion Management In Edmonton

Most management tactics and plans are similar, but each brain will require a different workload for better recovery.

Some people can handle physical activities more, and some can take mental.

At Granville Physiotherapy, we always generate the proper rehabilitation plan with the right amount of physical and mental activities at the right time so that you can rehab from your concussion soon.

Concussion Management & Rehabilitation Tips

01.Rehab with less screen time

When we are on our mobile screens, our brain automatically starts to consume things it sees. This will utilize your brain energy which you may conserve for later use.
Until a smartphone screen is your work priority, you can avoid screen time and give yourself and your brain some time to regenerate energy. Generating energy during a concussion will be the most challenging task for a brain.
The period during concussion must be managed in a way that we use our energy only for doing specific activities that are needed. People with concussions sleep in bed and scroll social media for the rest of their day, thinking it is rest, but the sad reality is it is not. All physiotherapists agree that scrolling social media utilizes our energy and leaves us more drained. It also uses our cognitive ability and hence burns more fuel. This is the primary knowledge everybody needs to know while handling their concussions.


Meditation is a process where your only job is to bring your wandering mind back to the conscious breath. A running motorbike requires fuel to run, and in the same way, our body needs breath to survive. Breath is one of the most important fuels to our body. It helps us to be alive. When we take control of our breath and start living with it, our energies will never be wasted on unwanted thoughts and habits. It will be easy to handle yourself during your concussion rehab. Practicing meditation can also take you into a meditative state while you work. Doing this will make your work much more manageable and help you conserve energy even when working. This will give you the mental and physical strength you need. Practicing meditation is one of the best ways to save energy.
Practicing meditation will also help your brain to release all the calcium cells much faster. Meditation will restore all the functional disabilities in your body and help you to recover from all possible injuries & traumas, both mentally and physically.

03. Try Mindfulness

Research shows that mindfulness practices have been helpful in multiple cases of concussion patients. Mindfulness is a conscious process where you decide what to think. 

While going through a concussion, worrying about your future or past mistakes is no point. It only takes the little energy your brain generates. 

Mindfulness helps us to stay in the present by focusing on what’s around us and allows us to live with it. 

Concussion rehabilitation may involve a lot of mindfulness practices that can show magical results. Physiotherapists in Edmonton and around the world are adapting Mindfulness & meditation practices for concussion rehabilitation.

The mindfulness practice will put you in a conscious state where you will observe what your brain is thinking, help you to let it go, and help you become the new person you aspire to be.

Adopting mindfulness during your concussion management can also increase your chances of becoming a better person.

04.Good Sleep

A night of good sleep can help your brain recover faster, sleep is the cleaning mechanism for your brain. The right amount of sleep is mandatory while recovering.

05.Limit activity

Limiting your activity will help you conserve more energy and use it in the future. Since our brain produces less energy during a concussion, restricting our activity to a minimal level is better. Also, it can be your off time.
Your rest time can give you the rehab you need.

06.Progressive overload

We, as Physiotherapy professionals, advise on how to progressively overload your brain after a concussion. A sudden increase in activity will leave our brain in a traumatic state, so it is essential to go through the suggested management plan. This will give the best progressive overload to your brain’s needs and help it attain maximum brain functions.

We at Granville Physiotherapy Clinic Edmonton work selflessly for the betterment of the people around us. So if you are in Canada or Edmonton, give us a call or visit. We are eagerly waiting to serve you. We also assure you that we offer our best in all our physiotherapy practices. 

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